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Oh, sembreak, how I love you!

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I’ve been on semestral break for 27 and a half hours now. It’s amazing. No more tests to study for, machine problems to cram, papers to write… ok wait, I never had papers to write this semester, lucky me, LOL. But still. SEMBREAK ROCKS MY SOCKS! Man, this is what I’ve been missing in high school, that pause in the middle of the academic year during which I have nothing to do but blog, watch DVDs, and read… when waking up early is purely optional and therefore forgotten… when I go to sleep on Sunday night without thinking, “Hay, Monday nanaman bukas.” Seriously, I love sembreak so much I would write songs about sembreak if I knew how to. :P

The past semester –my first ever semester in college– has been fun, though. Math and I became friends again (for the moment, at least. I don’t know about the next semesters, though.), I was part of the coolest block on the planet, I applied for the most amazing org ever, and finally had some bonding time with my best friend after having a not-so-long-distance relationship (huh?) for four years. I luckily had the nicest Math17 instructor in history, unluckily had the most boring prof ever in Eng1, and had some pretty ok teachers in the other subjects (er, excluding NatSci1 pala, LOL). College has been more amazing than I ever expected. I love it!

…Especially because there’s sembreak. Haha. As fun as the past few months have been, I needed a break too. I’ve been waiting for these next few weeks of bliss for so long that I’ve planned what I’m going to do with it already, LOL.

So here’s my sembreak to-do list:

  • Have a haircut. Maybe have it straightened while I’m at it.  Preferrably this week so my hair will be nice for Joey’s not-debut. (I can’t live with my unruly hair anymore, LOL.)
  • Clean my room. (So I can mess it up again come next semester.)
  • Read/watch the stuff I borrowed from Cam.
  • Buy more books and finish them all.
  • Buy DVDs and finish them too.
  • Write.
  • Learn to drive.

(Moving to WordPress used to be on that list, too, except I planned the move exactly when I officially start my sembreak.)

As you can see, it basically means just bumming out here at home, aside from the cleaning my room and learning to drive part. I can’t even remember the last time I watched a DVD and not felt guilty for neglecting my homework (never stopped my from watching though), so this is a welcome change.



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October 16, 2007 at 4:08 pm

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