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So. I was hanging out at the ASTB, helping out with SCA stuff like folding solicitation letters (ok, actually this was all I did LOL) since I wasn’t going to give a talk after all, and eating Ma’am Capundag’s ever present biscuits and wafers and whatnot, when I moved my arm and suddenly made contanct with something spiny on my shirt. I looked down to find… a HIGAD.

I only caught sight of it for a split-second before I nearly had a heart attack in panic. Iya didn’t even know what was happening and why my sister suddenly grabbed a sheet of paper from the table Iya was at until the frightful creature was flicked away from me (where it landed, I didn’t care).

Naturally, I had higad spines stuck to my arm, which had to be removed immediately lest they be lodged deeper into my arm and cause my skin to break out in rashes. I was panicking even more because I once saw Ben with a huge patch of rashes on the back of his neck, and it wasn’t pretty. I could tell it didn’t feel good either. I didn’t want that to happen to me.

So we sought adult assistance and rushed to the CST unit, where Ma’am Caps and Ate Tin were. Thank God for Ma’am Caps, because she knew exactly what had to be done in such a situation: melt a candle over the affected area so the spines will stick. Being the SCA adviser, of course she also had a candle and matches. I’m really really thankful for Ma’am Caps. <333333!

Now this is where it gets dirty. Because as panicked as I was, I realized it was a perfect photo (and blogging) opportunity. I didn’t let my sister go anywhere near my arm without first getting my camera. Yes, I am vain like that.

If you get freaked out easily, please go away now and just read my other entries, where cute things such as Pogi the pug abound. Even I couldn’t bear to look at the following pictures without freaking out.

If you think you can handle it though, go on. Just don’t come crying to me when you see the first picture.

This is my spine-infested arm. I can’t look at it without cringing either. Seriously. I’ve got goosebumps right now like WHOA.

Following Ma’am Capundag’s advice, my sister poured melted wax on my arm. It hurt like hell. See how red my face is, LOL. But oh well, better hot wax than rashes, right?

My sister just took pleasure on pouring hot, burning wax on my skin. This is her checking to see if there’s any spines left un-waxed. Unfortunately there was. Fortunately for her, I wasn’t scared of the wax and practically forced her to pour more to make sure none would be left. I really wanted all that spiny freakishness off me.

There, she’s making sure every spine was waxed. I’m so glad I have a sister who has no problem pouring hot wax on my arm. Also, I’m so relieved I don’t get to live with rashes for days after this.

Finally, she removed the wax and the spines. I couldn’t even look at the wax. Those spines really give me goosebumps.

Yay, my arm is now spine-free! I don’t care if it’s red or if it stings a bit afterwards. I’m just so happy the spines are off now.

Wow. That was one traumatic experience. I was so paranoid that there would be more higads or something. I don’t even know where I got it. I’d been in the ASTB for pretty long before I noticed it. Does that mean it had been crawling over me for what, 15, 20 minutes already before I noticed? OMG. I do not even want to think of that.

I’m really really REALLY glad that’s over.

PS. Thanks to Ate Tin who took pictures while I was busy cringing over the freakishness and the pain.


Written by eeeek

October 18, 2007 at 10:41 pm

12 Responses

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  1. hehehe, astig naman. Ang cute nung spiny pic
    gusto ko yng ganyang pics. Pics that gives you that feeling that you want to do two things:


    ang cool heheheh.


    October 19, 2007 at 12:20 am

  2. EWWWW Kuya JM ano ba yun. Nandidiri nga ako eh! As in kahit ilang beses ko tingnan ginu-goosebumps parin ako! Haha.

    Di bale, dahil prone naman ako sa misadventures, abangan mo lang… I’m bound to have another masarap-kutkutin-or-dutdutin pic sometime in the future. :P


    October 19, 2007 at 12:25 am

  3. Sobrang higad-infested ang Miriam AS IN. Everywhere! Kahit sa classroom umaabot! Kaloka! Pero never naman akong nahigad! Shet, ka-heart attack naman this!

    Ang cute nung tattoo kunong bracelet ni Zelle! So 90’s naman that! Pero cool pa rin hahaha.


    October 19, 2007 at 12:27 am

  4. Jusko, imagine mo na lang kung ikaw na yun. As in talaga nahahyperventilate na ko eh! Si Zelle naman wala lang. Sabi nya pag sya daw yung nahigad, lahat na nagpapanic tas sya, “Ay higad. Pengeng papel, tatanggalin ko.” WAHAHAHA.

    Haha. So jologs no? Haha. Pero binabagayan naman sya so ok lang.


    October 19, 2007 at 12:29 am

  5. HAHAHAHAHA. HIGAD! for some reason, naalala ko bigla yung lysol misadventure! ano ba yun?! :)) ang dami mo namang naeexperience na kababalaghan. haha.

    missing you.. *mwah*


    October 19, 2007 at 10:28 am

  6. Ako rin. Bakit ba napaka-prone ko sa misadventures?? Wala naman akong balat sa pwet ah!

    Awww. Miss you too sobra. *mwah back*


    October 19, 2007 at 5:08 pm

  7. haha. nagka-higad scare din ako sa up… nasa leeg ko na siya.. buti napansin agad nung blockmate ko at hindi pa niya ako nalagyan ng kung ano mang makati na thing… super daming alcohol ung tinapon ko dun sa area…


    October 19, 2007 at 7:56 pm

  8. Hahaha I can so imagine you and the alcohol. Grabe. Bakit lahat ng tao sa neck nahihigad? Ako lang hinde. Well buti hindi ako sa neck dahil grabe super magffreak out talaga ko dun haha.

    Bakit ba kasi may higad sa mundo eh! Haha.


    October 19, 2007 at 7:58 pm

  9. hinigad din ako last month sa ateneo. haha.


    October 21, 2007 at 12:40 pm

  10. Freaky noh? Haha.


    October 22, 2007 at 1:54 pm

  11. akala ko sabi mo wala kang balat sa in balat na skin! wahaha.. anyway ang fun magpatak ng wax sa arm mo..hehe..:P at naggoosebumps din ako sa spiney arm mo!! yakk..wahaha


    October 27, 2007 at 9:12 am


    Grabe noh kadire. Super horrifying talaga nya everrr! (Eto namang si Kuya JM fascinated na fascinated haha.)


    October 27, 2007 at 11:51 am

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