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After many many months of searching, I finally found a copy of Night! Grabe, it was just at my local National Bookstore, over there on Congressional Avenue. There were around 6 copies pa! Grabe. I had no money, but since Sir Martin’s current students might get wind of this and buy them all before I can save enough, I immediately rused to the nearest ATM and withdrew money to buy it. This book is super duper hard to find eh. I love technology. And I love my stipends. Haha. Sorry taongbayan. Ma-e-enrich naman ang mind ko dito. :P

I’m so excited to read it na. But have to go to Joey’s party pa, so it will have to wait. Can’t tomorrow either because I will go to my pamangkin/inaanak‘s birthday. Wah, when will I ever get to read it??

So. Only three more books left. Please, nobody buy Dawn and Day at Trinoma. I am so buying those on Monday. Maybe even The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank. Mega book shopping spree ba? Grabe, these books will last me until the next vacation na, yay.

In other news, I washed my hair today… and it’s still straight! Yay! Of course, not as straight as when it was ironed, but my bangs are behaving well! Finally! From now on, I will have my hair done at Reyes Haircutters forever. Just not at that particular branch because they suck. Ay, nga pala, I didn’t have the back part of my hair cut anymore, since everybody keeps saying it’s ok naman, plus dagdag gastos pa sya which I could just spend on books. It’s now dry, and the back part sucks. I’ll have it cut on Monday.

PS. Happy happy birthday sa dyosa ng kagandahan, si Gihanna Gaye Galindez. :)

PS2. I feel so sad for the victims of the Glorietta2 incident. If it was a bombing, bakit ba ang hilig ng mga tao mangdamay ng innocent people? What is the point of causing mass terror? Will it solve our problems? NO! It will just create more. If it really was just an LPG tank, er, sabi nga ni Kimer, anlaki namang explosion nun. But if it really was, I feel so sorry for those people who happened to be at the place at that time, not expecting such a thing to happen. And I’m so thankful it wasn’t at Trinoma, because Ben and I were there at the time. So kumusta naman, I will never be allowed to set foot in a mall for a long time na.


Written by eeeek

October 20, 2007 at 1:40 pm

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  1. pareho tayo T_T
    di na ako papayagan tumapak sa mall til next century T_T


    October 20, 2007 at 3:43 pm

  2. kasi nga diba, storage room. so sabi ni daddy, patong patong ang LPG tanks, kaya malaki. Ewan!


    October 20, 2007 at 4:48 pm

  3. @Jovi: Harharhar, pupunta akong Trinoma bukas! Grabe, super tambayan ko na yun hahaha. Di naman nagprotest yung parents ko nung sinabi kong pupunta ako dun hahaha.

    @Cam: Hay. Sana nga ganun lang. At least all we have to worry about it safety precautions in business establishments. Mas madaling solusyonan yun kesa terrorism.


    October 21, 2007 at 8:38 pm

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