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I would’ve blogged about Joey’s super awesome, super fun, super surprise, super impromptu birthday party earlier if only I didn’t need to head to another birthday party (this time a kiddie one) this afternoon. And because I so want to blog about it already, here I am at 12:30am.

I hitched a ride with Angela to and from the party because my dad sucks and doesn’t know his way outside Quezon City (and sometimes even in it!). I met her at SM North because she had her hair and makeup done at Bench Fix salon (as compared to me, who ironed her own hair and did half her own makeup, harhar). Sakto pa, Sarah Geronimo was performing, except she wasn’t there yet, so there were lots of people at the foodcourt, waiting for the artista to arrive. People kept looking as if thinking, “Artista din ba to???” LOL. Sorry to disappoint y’all, but I’m not. :P

So Angela and I arrived at the venue (Valle Verde Country Club in Pasig) earlier than most. Only Kat and a couple of other people –and Joey of course– were there at 6 o’clock. I discovered that I did not blend into the wall like I feared, since the walls were some kinda yellow naman, not orange. (You cannot possibly imagine how anxious I was about that haha.) So we mostly just talked and laughed and took pictures (you know, while everything was still nice and orderly, LOL). This one above is Joey with her pretty pretty cake.

This next one is our table, back when it wasn’t so messed up yet.

Yummy kisses on the table like nung fourth year prom. <3333! Rob kept stealing from our table though so Ben and I stole from his too, which eventually turned out to be not his table because he moved, so sila Jeric yung nalugi. Sorry Jeric. :P

After that there was a shortage of photos because I was busy, harhar.

So after a “secret” practice session of our super almost-impromptu special performance for Joey, dinner was served. First there was soup, then salad, then the main course which was some kinda beef thing with rice and veggies. At this point I was so full already because of the kisses I had earlier. Oh noes, sayang yung pagkain. Sorry. :( After that, dessert! Cream puff! I loved that. We had red wine (because that was the only thing we minors were allowed), which I didn’t like. Hehe, sorry Joey. :P Angela was looking for VODKA. Wahaha. Although she didn’t need it since lasing na sya practically without any liquor (that one sip of red wine doesn’t count!). Our table was a super bangag table. Haha.

Ayan, after dinner was the fun part. First was the 18 charms (nga ba? O yung performance? Oh well kunyari eto talaga yung una). I gave three speeches, second only to Kat who gave four. Super impromptu ng speech ko, unlike Clar’s and Imang’s which were super lalim and filled with analogies and stuff pa. Super funny kasi lagi akong nashshock tuwing turn na ng isa sa kanila, haha.

And then after that was our “surprise” performance, in which it was only Ben who was singing at first and then gradually more of us joined him. Yan yung sa first song, yung Lean on Me. And then we sang Stand By Me with actions, which was super funny haha. And then You’ve Got a Friend, during which Joey cried. Awww. :) And then more impromptu songs, including the PSHS Hymn and I Feel Pretty from West Side Story. Harhar. Tapos, Dane sang too. Super galing ever as always.

After that, we asked Joey to sing naman. Except, she doesn’t know My Humps, which was for some reason the song requested. So alangan namang si Cy ang kumanta diba? Hahahaha.

So ayun, speech from Joey, and from her dad, and from her cousin, and from her brother. Ay, nun palang speech ni Joey, she gave fans to people who helped with the party. I got a fan (although may di ako nagawa. So sorry Kat. :P)! It was a really pretty fan too!

Caption: I’m a Joey fan! (Ok corny sorry haha.)

Tapos, ayun, Joey sang na! Way Back Into Love with Warner, due to popular demand daw. Apparently, popular demand na yung table namin.

At some point amidst all of this, we were served super sweet ube ice cream, then lumpia and some kinda whatever thing na di ko alam kung ano. Basta, that some kinda whatever thing was gone from our table in two minutes, haha. 

And then finally… CAKE! Joey had us stand in front and pretend we were candles. Apparently only I enjoyed being a candle, LOL. :P And then they cut the cake and we ate the super yummy buttercake+fondant! LOVE THE FONDANT!

Eventually we had to go na since Angela’s parents were already waiting in the lobby. Syempre before we left, last few vanity pics with the birthday girl muna.

Ayan, that was my Joey’s-birthday-party post. SUPER DUPER HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEY! *hug*

PS. Super duper thank you to Kat who planned all this and made sure the party was super awesome, and who enlisted me in her team of slaves. Ikaw na din magplan ng debut ko ha? :P

Joey with her party-planner. :)

PS2. More pics over at my multiply.


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October 22, 2007 at 1:11 am

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  1. No picture of your dress? Boo.


    October 22, 2007 at 2:36 pm

  2. Multiply HALLER.


    October 22, 2007 at 2:37 pm

  3. Ay. Di mo pala makikita ung dress ko sa multiply ko since duh puro vanity pics dun in which I was holding the camera. Tingnan mo na lang sa multiply ni Angela.


    October 22, 2007 at 2:39 pm

  4. Omg. LOL. Ang bangag talaga ng itsura ko. (haha! itsura lang ba nun? ;c)

    Anyway, grabe! Haha, medyo nakakahiya talaga na di ako nagayos. As in, nagsiesta ako, nagshower, nagtoothbrush, nagbihis, tapos alis na LOL. Super prepared, di ba? :P

    But yeah LOL. So legal. Ew :(

    (Mukha akong timang sa picture ko habang kumakain ng cake lol :P
    Super thanks talaga for coming and for the planning and for the singing and for taking photos! I love you, tsong <3 *hugg!!*)


    October 22, 2007 at 5:43 pm

  5. Ok lang, lumabas ang natural beauty mo. (Ay bola! Joke. :P)


    October 23, 2007 at 1:09 am

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