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CRS, why do you hate me?

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I checked CRS this afternoon to see what subjects I got.

And guess what.

Aside from getting a CS12 that has a different schedule from what Has (and probably my other blockmates) got, it also overlapped with the Eng12 that CRS gave me. So of course I had to cancel Eng12 because that’s more important even though I want that Eng12 and I want the other CS12, not the one I got.

Plus, I still don’t have Philo. And there’s no suitable Philo11 for my sched so now I have to get either Philo1 or Philo10. Of course I can always take Philo later in life na lang, but I want to take all my required subjects as early as possible.

And ofcourse in my high-bloodness over CRS’s annoyingness, I forgot to take a screenshot of my stupid overlapping schedule. I’ve fixed it now and enlisted in so many schedules of the same subject na para naman may chance na makuha ko na. Please lang CRS. 2 subjects na lang. PLEEEEASE. Ayoko mag-daily batch run! :(

Here’s my new sched. The sure subjects are Math53, CS12, Bio1, and PE.

As you can see, my PE is PE 3 BW-T. Because surprisingly, I got a 1.5 in PE, which makes me eligible for the advanced tenpin bowling class! Grabe, miracle! Hahaha.

My Eng1 grade is still unknown though. Sir Queano is SOOOO SLOOOOOOOW! Rawr. Everyone else knows na if they’re a US or a CS except me. HMPH.

Hay. Friends, especially yung wala nang kelangan pa i-preenlist (uh, Ateneo friends? Clar? Na dapat sana ay kasabay kong nahhighblod? :P), please pray for my sched because AYOKO TALAGA MAG-DAILY BATCH RUN! :(


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October 27, 2007 at 8:22 pm

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