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In which we pretend to be artsy-fartsy

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Finally, after many many months of not-planning, Shayne and I finally had our TOSH (The Old Spaghetti House, on Katipunan Ave.) date yesterday at lunch (up to merienda hahaha).



Shayne was early and I was late. The world must be ending or something. Or maybe I just woke up late and had some last minute gift preparation and hair-ironing to do. :P In any case, I wasn’t that late. Shayne amused herself by doodling on the paper placemat thingerie (which is the exact same kind of paper I use when printing non-submission stuff. Bond paper is expensive eh, haha.).

Anyways, so I got there a little past 12, found Shayne doodling, and then gave her my birthday gift for her: a stuffed cat with lopsided ears,


a CD with some of my favorite songs, another letter, and a star in the sky. I had a little trouble extracting it from the heavens (which is why I woke up late yesterday :P), but yeah, I got her a star. It came with the stuffed toy, haha. Pero seryosong star naming yun, just not officially recognized by the scientific community daw. But it’s the same registry (ata) as the one Landon had Jamie’s star named in in A Walk to Remember. For anyone interested, the star is located at the head of Ursa Major. Its name is Raylie (guess where that came from).

We placed our orders na. Shayne got some kinda chicken with rice. I forgot what it was called, haha. I got pesto with grilled chicken. Plus some potato chips with cheese dip. While waiting we pretended to be so artsy-fartsy and took pictures of the place. One thing we love about TOSH is the design. So homey and quaint and just so pretty. Like this stained glass light thingy on the ceiling:

We had vanity shots too, with the food pa, and of course Tosh the cat.

Here’s Shayne enjoying the potato chips.

Here’s Shayne with Tosh and her chicken.

And here’s me with Tosh and my pesto.

And of course more vanity pics with TOSH.


We stayed there for so long, until 3:30 I think (grabe noh, tumambay talaga haha), just talking and picture-taking and doodling and stuff. We stayed so long we even ordered more food!

This is our yummy strawberries and cream funnel cake!

Finally after more pictures (and SO MUCH LESS CASH!), some even in the CR (harhar. Akala ata nung crew kung ano nang ginagawa namin sa CR hahaha. :P),


we decided to leave.

…for Cello’s. Hahahaha. Where we ordered an Oreo doughnut each.


We also discovered that there’s this nifty arts and crafts store, SMDJ hobbies&crafts, adjacent to it, owned by the same family. (There was also a bag store beside Cello’s, also owned by the same family. Parang, iba-ibang person lang specifically yung nagmamanage but they’re all from the same family.) The lady managing the store (she asked us to call her Tita Julie. Close ba? Haha. Well, we will be since we plan on going back there someday.) was super nice pa. The stuff from the store was made by women from her church pala, so in our shopping spree we were actually helping those women out, yay! :)

We loved the cute earrings and decided to buy a pair each, something similar.

We also found these charm thingies (siguro dun bumili si Kat for Joey’s 18th harhar.), which cost only P8 a pair. Super sulit! We originally intended to use them as necklace pendants, but we got two charms eh. Saka they had no chain na bagay sa color nung angel. So we got charmbracelets instead.


The charms syempre held some significance. The angel for Shayne’s Christmas angel for me last year, and the star because I keep on giving her stars. Tosh+Raylie wasn’t the first; I gave her star earrings pa before graduation because I really think she’s such a star. Kasama nga sya sa list ko ng dream PBB celebrity housemates eh hahaha.

Syempre we didn’t buy plenty of charms right then; we decided that we would definitely come back there on our next date. Which poses a problem because our next date is supposed to be at Cerealicious. So, how is that naman. Go to SM North, then go to Katips. Which is fine for Shayne because it’s en route to her home, but for me… well. Mas tipid if I go home from SM, but SMDJ is too much LOOOOOVE to resist, haha. Ayan ha Shayne. This will take us months and months of not-planning nanaman, until one day biglang, “Hey, di pa natutuloy yung date natin.” “Onga noh.” “Tara game sa *insert date three days later here*!” “Game!” Hahaha.

And ayun, after our artsy-fartsy charmbracelet-making moment (which made us really happy because our artsy-fartsy-ness was so complete na haha), we said our goodbyes and went home na. And since then I’ve worn my charmbracelet most of the time, harhar. :)

Grabe. This has been such an amusing amazing friendship, and I’m so glad that despite being in different schools, we’re still close as ever. :) I love that we can still sit for three and a half hours in the same restaurant and not run out of things to do. Sana many many years from now we still have dates with TOSH ha. I <33333333 you Shayne, and belated Happy Birthday. :)

PS. More pictures (SO MUCH MORE!) at my multiply.


Written by eeeek

October 27, 2007 at 1:10 am

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  1. ray2, i superrrrrrrrr love you tooOooo! nagenjoy ako sa ating artsy-fartsy/food trip. super enjoy. TOSH IS SUCH A HEAVEN. and tosh the cat is such a cutie. i adoreee her.

    thank you btw for RAYLIE. wished upon her so many times na. loOoove the cd too. pero bakit alang list ng songs? [haha.. nagdemand pa e noh?] seriously, gimme naman a list of the songs so i could search for their lovely lyrics.

    sigurado akong hindi ito ung last date natin dahil mukhang kinalbo charm bracelets natin. haha. til next time dearie. *huuugggggs from tosh and shayne*


    October 27, 2007 at 7:55 pm

  2. I knoow! Pretty interior design + super yummy food = HEAVEN!

    Wahahaha di ko pa nga hinahanap eh. Will stargaze nga ngayon.

    Ok demanding ka ha. Will email you about that… when I get back from the province na lang on Monday.

    Syempre hinde. Magiging close tayo ni Tita Julie! Hahaha.


    October 27, 2007 at 8:58 pm

  3. […] December 20, 2007 by eeeek ~I love how when I go to Simbang Gabi I always see the star I gave to Shayne as a birthday gift. […]

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