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I said I’ll post a new episode of The Cooking Show yesterday, but we finished sometime between 10 and 11pm and I was too sleepy to post already, and then today my sister was on the computer the whole day. As in when I woke up she was already playing, until around 11pm. So di ako makasingit. Sorry fans. :P Tomorrow Later (madaling araw na pala haha) na I swear. I’ll force my sister off the computer if I have to.

And amazingly, while my sister became game-addict for the day, I was homebody for the day. I have no idea what got into me, but I washed clothes (our househelp is away for a few days eh, and I need clean pants and underwear! Ok, sorry, too much info :P) –including my mother’s and my sister’s laundry–, washed the dishes (ok, this was pretty much required haha, my turn was at lunch while my sister’s was at dinner), and cleaned my room. Ok, not really totally cleaned, just organized my stuff including last semester’s handouts.. You know, for future reference and stuff. Plus I finally put my books back into the shelves. And as if I hadn’t had enough cleaning, I also swept the floor not just in my room but also in the kitchen.

I have no idea why I suddenly had the urge to clean. I never voluntarily clean! I just remember thinking last night, “I will be OC tomorrow.” At ayun nga. I had a need today to put things in order. Sinapian ata ako. Undas pa naman, haha. :P


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November 2, 2007 at 12:44 am

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