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ZOMG. Donnie won today’s HOH challenge! The challenge was giant bowling, in which the housemates swing atop a huge “bowling ball” suspended from above and try to knockdown the ten human pins. And Donnie knocked them all down, making him and Baron this week’s Heads of Household! Which means they can’t be nominated next week! The other housemates must be dismayed to not have anyone to vote for anymore, haha.

And Donnie’s so sweet pa and chose Yayo (it looked like he was making the decision and not really Baron) to share the special perks that they’re entitled to as HOHs. Donnie really deserves to be HOH, and Yayo deserves to be pampered for a week. :)

I really should stop blogging about PBB. Really.

But I can’t help it! Hahahaha.

PS. In other, PBB-related news, I saw Jen (ex-housemate and ex-26K) at The Block kanina. She was wearing the same shorts that she wore nung sinundo sya ni Kuya hahahaha. And may kasama syang guy with long hair.

Or well, I just think that’s her. Kung ikaw si Jen at alam mong wala ka sa The Block kanina, sabihin mo lang at babawiin kong sinabi ko. Baka kamukha mo lang yun, harhar.


Written by eeeek

November 6, 2007 at 11:09 pm

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