Life is so… whatever.

Today has been a %&@#* day.

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Why is it that every time I have to go to UP, it rains???

But apparently the rain was the least of my bad luck today.

I went to UP with high hopes and enlisted in four sections of the same subject. One even had 7 slots left.

After that I went to SM with Kat and Jobelle to drown my sorrows about CS12 and CRS with Cerealicious.

Looks like I may need real liquor this time.

Because I checked my subjects just now using the “cheat” being passed around (To all who want to check if they got their subjects…go to not crs2 and go to grades viewing and log in. It won’t show u ur sked but at least you know what subjects u got in to. Pass to those concerned.) and you can just imagine my rage as I discovered that I STILL DID NOT GET MY PHILO1! NJASNDIKLANLD;AJ9IMNADLHNW!

Ganito pala ang feeling ng pinagsakluban ng langit at lupa. Nakakapanghina. Nakaka-highblood.

CRS, why do you hate me? Is it because I love blogging about your inefficiency? Is it because I dream of revolutionizing you and making you efficient someday (so you really like being inefficient, is that it?)? I don’t want to prerog DAMN YOU!


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November 6, 2007 at 11:41 pm

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