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Today was the happiest day of this sem, because finally I can enroll na!

Ok, update muna about my subjects. Last Friday was the first day of school. Went to Math53 but the prof didn’t show up. Later, went to CS12 where I was told that that section might be cancelled. My first thought? BAKET BA ANG MALAS MALAS KO SA CLASSES?!?!

Also, last Friday was the last day for enlistment diba? But, I was at camp, so musta naman, how would I check? I was super nervous pa naman the whole day. So I asked Cam to check CRS for me. But….. her computer doesn’t like me at nagloko sya, so I had to find someone else to check for me. But, everyone I’d be willing to share my password with was at camp… except Shayne. Buti na lang when I texted her she readily agreed, at buti na lang she wasn’t out or anything.

Musta naman ang reply nya, 22 units daw! Eh how could that be, when I enlisted only 20 units?? So I called her up because there must be some mistake, not just in the number of units, but in the fact that I apparently got everything I enlisted in. Because given my history with CRS, I would more easily believe that CRS decided to deprive me yet again of my desired subjects than believe that there can be miracles when it comes to enlistment.

Apparently the two extra units were for PE, which isn’t really counted (plus my PE is (0) units daw according to CRS). Other than that, the news really was right; I got both Kas2 and Geog1.

So now I was faced with a new dilemma: KAS2 OR GEOG1?

The choice would’ve been much easier if I didn’t have CS12 to consider, because of course I had to plan ahead and leave space for me to transfer CS12 classes if need be.

…Or at least, I thought it would be easier. Since I didn’t want to cancel yet until I was sure I had a CS12 class, I decided to go to all my classes, including Kas2 and Geog1. Yes, that meant I had classes from 8:30 to 4 with no breaks anytime, but since it was the first day of the MTh classes, the profs would probably be nice and let us go early.

So, I went to Kas2 first, in which my prof was Alma Bamero. She was a nice old-ish lady, who promised to make Kas2 interesting. And I was like, “OMG, I actually like this class! Geog1 na lang iccancel ko!” because it really sounded a lot more fun than Kas1. Plus the prof seemed nice, and to actually want to make us interested in the class.

But… come Geog1, the decision wasn’t so easy after all. Because aside from the fact that everyone says it’s an uno-able class, the instructor, Emmanuel Garcia, was really nice too. I asked him how I could cancel my slot in his class and he was like, “Sigurado ka na ba? Sige ka, mamimiss mo ang geog camp!” He seemed really fun, and he himself said na sya ang isa sa pinakamabait na geog instructors in the university. Also, the class seemed interesting na din.

Great. I couldn’t pick. I decided to wait for the next day’s CS12, and if it’s not going to be cancelled, I’ll pick Geog1.

And OMG, wonder of all wonders, despite the lack of students in my section, my prof managed to persuade the CS authorities to not dissolve that class!

But, until now I’m still not fully decided! OH NOES! I mean camon, two nice profs and two interesting classes. What to do????

Hmm. Siguro… Geog1 na lang muna ngayon, since it’s more uno-able. You know, get 1.00s early on. Tapos, since I really like Kas2 as well, I’ll take it next sem na lang.

Hay. Pagtatawanan na ko ng Geog classmates ko nyan eh. Magccancel daw tas biglang hindi pala. Oh well, at least kilala na nila ako, hahaha.

Anyways, bahala na lang tomorrow. The point is, I get to enroll na tomorrow! YAY!

PS. Super thanks to Clar and everyone else who prayed for me and/or sinubaybayan ang aking enlistment misadventures (haha!), to Cam and Shayne who checked CRS for me, to my blockmates for the support habang nagddrama ako about CS12, and of course to God who didn’t let me prerog this sem. :)


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November 13, 2007 at 8:21 pm

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  1. *cheers* Congrats Ray2.!! :D Finally!! :)


    November 17, 2007 at 12:17 am

  2. Haha thanks. But did you know that the enrollment process after that took me three days?!?! Hay. Ang arte ng scholarships eh.


    November 17, 2007 at 7:43 pm

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