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Miracle gulaman

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Last Thursday I went to Pisay for the living rosary, which I almost missed because I had to take care of enrollment stuff first. Anyways, so yeah, I went to the living rosary. Of course, in true SCA fashion, there was a lot of food afterwards… the usual biscuits, plus practically a sea of gulaman.

That was the gulaman after everyone at the front lob had at least three cups of it. Yes, even those who weren’t at the living rosary. Hell, anyone who passed by was practically forced to drink.

We even filled bottles…

…and more bottles of it to take home. But still it seemed like there was no end to the gulaman. It didn’t seem to be lessening at all! And so Jaja christened it the MIRACLE GULAMAN!

There was so much of it we even brought it to the CST unit, where faculty members such as Sir Vlad were having a meeting about the ’08 retreat (or something). Again we forced everyone who happened to pass by to have a drink… or many drinks, LOL.

Finally the gulaman appeared to be diminishing, and we brought it to the caf where people would need drinks to accompany their food. Luckily there were some ’11 happy campers there, who gladly helped themselves to the gulaman.

Since my sister and I were planning to have a Jjamppong date again, Jay salestalked us na bagay sa Jjamppong ang jago’t julaman. Wahaha. Yes, this is the part where I have an eating contest with my sister and Gabby.

And this is the part where I lost. I couldn’t even finish my Jjamppong (while my sister is happy and finished over there to my left), so I gave it to Jay. Haha.

Anyways. Eventually, the gulaman ran out after feeding everyone in Pisay. And man, that has been the most challenging SCA task ever, hahaha.


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November 18, 2007 at 5:51 pm

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  1. oh my. haha. ang dami naman ng gulaman. next time talaga dapat pumunta na ako para makahingi rin ako ng gulaman. =)


    November 20, 2007 at 7:12 pm

  2. Haha. Good, because sabi ni Ma’am Caps, next time daw may gulaman ulit. Sobra malulunod ka talaga, haha.


    November 20, 2007 at 8:06 pm

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