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Most. Embarrassing. Experience. EVER.

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I would write about how I cannot show my face around UPSCA anymore after tonight’s Friday Activity, but I’m too tired (and too ashamed, haha).

I swear I sing better pag hindi novelty songs, haha. Saka at least, 97 yung score ko! Wahahaha.

Also, tonight while going home I was reminded of why I never ever go home this late: SUPER WALA NANG JEEP PAUWI SAMIN! Buti naawa ata yung mga driver kaya yung isang jeep na Novaliches naman dapat ay naging NPC-NIA na for us.

Hay. If only I went home after the thing at Ateneo, I would’ve saved myself from the shame and from the hell that is waiting for a jeep at the Mindanao Ave. terminal. Haha.

EDIT: Ok lang naman pala dahil OVER-ALL CHAMPION ANG COMMITTEE KO! GO SCARB! Wahahaha.


Written by eeeek

November 23, 2007 at 10:14 pm

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