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Approaching Day4…

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I really should go to sleep as early as possible instead of replying to comments on my multiply or something, seeing as I have to wake up at 3 tomorrow for the simbang gabi, but well… I can’t help it. Been internet-deprived for days (all my time is spent entertaining the balikbayans, or catching up on sleep, LOL), so… there, harhar.

Kainis pa because for two days now my Math53 prof hasn’t showed up for class. It’s so annoying kasi after Simbang Gabi, I take a nap then wake up again at 6 to go to school, only to find out that I needn’t have. Sana sinabi nya na lang kaagad diba. I could’ve gotten at least 4 hours more sleep each day! Tapos kanina, it was my only class pa. So super annoying talaga. Edi sana 10 pa ako gumising, kung kelan bukas na ang malls and I could go Christmas shopping (yes, ngayon lang. And yes, I’m still not done, harharhar. Next year na yung iba. :P)

(How is it that I do my own Christmas shopping, while my dad has to get my mom to pay for his, and even makes her wrap the presents pa?? There is something seriously wrong with this household.)



Written by eeeek

December 18, 2007 at 11:45 pm

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