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Christmas to-do list and wishlist

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We all know I never finish my to-do lists, except for that one time on my old blog. But I am OC like that so I always have to have a to-do list; otherwise I’d be so lost thinking of what to do first (plus my memory is like that of a goldfish so anything I’ve planned will promptly be forgotten unless I write it down).

  • Upload pics!
  • New episode/s of The Cooking Show!
  • Clean room. (This is becoming a little pointless since it immediately becomes messy again, but at least I get to savor a few moments of cleanliness. Which seems a little unfair if you consider the hours I spend trying to create those moments.)
  • Finish Christmas shopping. (Yes, I am giving gifts late. :P) Also, wrap them. (Duh.)
  • Finish Day, Bagets, Angela’s Ashes, and Horse Heaven. I now swear to not buy any books at all until I’ve finished those four.
  • Find PS-to-USB adapter. If anybody knows where in the Philippines (preferrably Metro Manila sana ha, LOL) I can buy this, please please tell me.

And because it’s the season of wishing giving, here’s a list of suggestions for things to give me (because my list keeps on expanding, it’s now a full list instead of that one sentence I posted last week.):

If you’re filthy rich, maybe you could try these:

  • Laptop
  • DSLR
  • New PC or complete upgrade of this one

And if you’re God… (aka the list of things I’m praying for this Christmas)

  • Good health for the whole family
  • Um… for my dad to stop being such a whiny, immature brat and/or more patience for me
  • That which only Cam knows
  • And end to all the political unrest in this country
  • HAPPINESS and WORLD PEACE. The world would be a nicer place to live in if everybody just stopped fighting, treated everyone else as his/her equal, and shared what he/she has to those who need it more.

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December 20, 2007 at 8:07 am

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