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Lantern parade photos (finally) up!

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Sorry it took so long, tinamad ako eh there were so many eh. Partida ha, I stopped taking pictures when it started to get dark, since my camera is such a loser and any attempt to photograph whatever was happening at Palma Hall (from my vantage point at least) would result in blurry/dark pictures.


I brought my sister along with me para may kasama ako, haha. We came early to watch Cam dance to Naughty Girl, then ate a late lunch and made tambay at the Sunken Garden, where I pretended to be artsy-fartsy as usual and photographed the kids playing there. (Not that I was successful, of course.)


…Aaaand of course, I photographed my happy red nails! :D


After a couple of hours of waiting, finally the parade started.

Though the “lanterns” weren’t really lanterns (buti pa sa UPM, lanterns talaga), they were still pretty and amazing (syempre, puro galing Fine Arts. Parang, FA+others… haha joke.) to watch. This is one of my favorites:


…Kasi may hydraulics pa kunyari, harhar. :P (Seryoso. Nung dumaan yan sa tapat namin, niyugyog sya nung mga may dala ng float haha)

We couldn’t get a good view of the performances, because AS was so crowded.



So I just photographed them habang naglalakad, kaya walang pictures of them actually doing something. :P

After that we went to Quezon Hall hoping for a better view, but well syempre puno na rin when we got there, so never mind.

I was waiting for the fireworks (may fireworks na actually nung pinepresent pa lang yung lanterns, but it turned out to be not from UP, haha. Everyone –including me– whipped out their phones/cameras to take pictures/videos, only to realize na hindi pa pala yun.), but Ate Jet had something to give me (Christmas gift yay!) so I went to Vinzons Hall where she was. I still got to see the fireworks, but only the higher ones and syempre better sana yung view kung mas malapit. But yay fireworks!

And that was the end of my first ever UP Diliman (or UP, for that matter) lantern parade. It was tiring (my sister would probably have killed me for making her walk so much, if only she knew how to get home by herself, haha) but fun. Next year I am so making sure to get a good view na. And to bring chairs. Haha.


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December 22, 2007 at 7:46 am

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