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The sucky part about Christmas…

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…is is the feeling of sadness and a bit of emptiness after the festivities are over and everyone’s gone their separate ways.

I don’t come from a rich family, but I come from a pretty close-knit one. Christmas celebrations have always been very simple but I love it because it’s one of the only two times each year that we get together as one big extended family. Even though noticeable na pahirap na nang pahirap ang buhay as seen from the ever-dwindling aguinaldo and gifts, it allows us to focus on what’s more important: family (besides of course remembering the birth of Christ). We may not have thousands and thousands of aguinaldo or piles and piles of presents, but we make sure to have fun and be together as we celebrate Christmas.

The togetherness lasted a little longer this year as some relatives stayed over here at home after coming from Nueva Ecija, but since last night it’s been just the immediate family again. No more playing with noisy and hyperactive nieces and nephews, no more listening to titas arguing over who looks less old (LOL), no more bonding with cousins. The house is silent once more.

Oh well. At least many of them live in Metro Manila now, so we see each other more often. I actually see them while school’s in session, unlike before when I was a kid, I only got to see them during Christmas and summer vacations. Living closer to each other, plus the wonders of technology, have made me closer to my relatives (at least on my dad’s side anyway; my mother’s side is a different story). But then again that’s also one of the reasons why I miss them more now. I can’t wait for my Lola’s 90th birthday na tuloy (which is in a month and I hear they’re planning a get-together since she’s turning 90 and all, so yay!).

Ok, tama na nga ang drama. Sorry my post-Christmas post turned out this way, LOL.


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December 30, 2007 at 9:09 pm

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