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New Year’s Committments

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As Ivan said, we should make New Year’s <i>Committments</i>, not merely resolutions. This year I committ to actually make an effort to accomplish the things on my list because I want to and because I know God wants me to, and because I know that these will make my year and my life better. Hindi na ito katulad ng to-do lists ko na hindi ko naman sineseryoso.

In 2008 I will…

  • save. Like, at least 50% of what I get. Realistic naman tong goal na to diba?
  • be more active in my org/s and other extracurriculars
  • take my studies seriously. For example, I will read English short stories the night before, at least, not during lunch before English class, LOL. Or, I’ll do my Math homework at home and not before class while waiting for the prof.
  • prove that the freshman fifteen can be the freshman negative fifteen. In short, lose weight. :)
  • accomplish my to-do lists, unless I have a valid excuse.
  • refrain from asking mom for stuff. I will either not buy it at all (lalo na kung mga luho lang talaga), or I will save and buy it on my own. Pero last nang pagpapaspoil ang pagpapabili ko ng inaasam-asam kong doggie bag, haha.
  • clean my room at least once a month. And while I’m at it, I’ll stop being such a slob so I’ll have less to clean. Diba?
  • walk to class as much as possible. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone: I’ll save on pamasahe na, I’ll get some exercise pa. Unless, of course, I’m running late for class already, haha.
  • correct my sleeping habits. No more chatting/blogging until 2am, LOL. My eyebags are seriously scaring me now, haha.
  • avoid procrastinating. Um. Lord help me, haha.

Okay, so those are goals that I’ve been trying to accomplish every year for quite some time now. Maybe this year will be different. :)


Written by eeeek

January 1, 2008 at 12:04 am

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