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…on the other side of the fence… I mean, retreat. Haha.

Yesterday I went to Antipolo as a facilitator for Batch 2008’s 4th year retreat. It was fun, albeit a little odd to be facilitating (what a term) people I used to go to school with, and who are practically my age. At first I was a bit shy pa (oh come on haha) and let Megs steer the discussion, but I gradually spoke up and shared my opinion on the questions they raised. Megs (should I call her Ate? LOL.) and some others left early pa so later in the afternoon I was left alone to take charge of the Charm girls. We didn’t have a group discussion anymore then, but instead I got to talk to them one by one, which was my favorite part of the day. :) Of course I’m not gonna post here what we talked about but it was fun, and nakakatouch pala that they shared a bit of themselves with me. :) Sarap pala ng feeling. If any of the five girls I got to chat with ever get to read this (haha asa), thanks for talking to a complete stranger like me. I’ll be praying for all of you, especially sa may mga shinare na problems. :)

Aside from talking to the girls, I also got to listen to the talks. Aaaand… Why is it that every time I need to learn something, God speaks to me… quite literally??? Or well, He keeps sending people to talk about a particular lesson over and over again. Like that one about worrying, which I kept hearing again and again in homilies, YFC household meetings, blog entries, and practically everywhere else. Tapos ngayon, about playing with fire naman. Mr. Alvin Barcelona talked about avoiding sin and temptation, and he said the exact same lesson I learned. He said it in Tagalog but basically it’s the same thing. Um. Yeah, I get it. I kinda learned it the hard way, remember? LOL. Good thing I didn’t really get burned, just got singed a bit, but now I know to be more careful and wary before I really get burned.

I don’t know about the Charm girls, but it was a bit weird for me to be there when just a year ago I was exactly like them. A year ago I was just a senior in Pisay, and in fact exactly a year ago I was in Angel’s Hills experiencing the most emotional and most God-filled retreat ever. A year ago I was the one being one-on-one’d (ok nag-imbento nanaman ng word haha). A year ago I was one of those frantically texting people at home or friends with internet access to check out the ACET results for me. A year ago I was still back home, back in Pisay. Nakaka-homesick nanaman tuloy. Ano ba naman yan.

Anyways. I asked the girls I chatted with if it was weird for them too, and they said it isn’t naman. I guess because they didn’t really know me personally back when I was still in Pisay. Pero I guess kahit konti medyo weird naman for an ’07 alumna to be the one handling them diba? But I hope kahit na I’m not an expert or anything, they learned something from me naman kahit konti. Saka I guess being just like them I understood their concerns so enjoy ang chat. :) O baka for me lang yun, LOL.
It really is a bit odd the be on the faci side now. For one, it’s fun to just watch the students follow the actions sa songs instead of being the one doing it hahaha. Feeling guests pa kami LOL. The moment we arrived, Ma’am Caps was already busy taking care of us. Grabe, I really missed Ma’am Caps. Hahaha being her usual self, she practically forced me to take home some of the desserts nung dinner. As in a handful, of them. Wahahaha. But I refused, nakakahiya naman eh. BUT OMG MA’AM CAPS! I really really missed her. Nakaka-homesick nanaman!

Hmmm.. Comments naman about the place and stuff… The place was smaller than Angel’s Hills (sorry, can’t help comparing haha) but it was pretty. The St… er, something, haha. Basta, the building where the dining area was at… it was so pretty! I want a house like that, complete with pretty staircase and fountain in the middle! Tapos… OMG THE FOOD WAS GREAT! What kind of retreat has SASHIMI for dinner anyway??? Grabe, super fattening retreat. I was so full when we got to Egg’s party, which was good because dessert na lang ang naabutan namin LOL (and that story is for another entry na).

Ok I have to go do my homework na so I’ll get to sleep before midnight, so I’ll have to end here. I’ll upload the pics and do a photo post hopefully tomorrow.

PS. Thanks to Ma’am Aimee for inviting me, thanks to Ma’am Caps for the mothering (haha!), and thanks to the parent/s who sponsored our transpo. :)

PPS. To my stalkers, LOU AND ED, magparamdam naman kayo! Haha.


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January 6, 2008 at 10:17 pm

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  1. Hey ray2, I’m getting used to this “paramdam” thing. (If you’re getting confused about the sequence of my comments, I’m doing them backwards and so this is my 2nd comment) I was also invited to facilitate by Kuya Peter (Yup, mas matanda siya sa kin) of Lauan at the 08 Retreat, but I declined because I thought I be there the whole time. :( I’m happy you learned a lot from the retreat as well. :) Cheerios and God bless!


    January 6, 2008 at 11:32 pm

  2. Awww sayang! Nagkita sana tayo. :(

    Hmmm I don’t know any of the guy facilitators pero I think Ma’am Aimee pointed out that Kuya Peter. He looks young. :P

    Heehee thanks for taking this “paramdam” thing so seriously, haha.


    January 9, 2008 at 12:08 am

  3. […] Went to the 08 retreat. I went gaga over the artsy-fartsy potential of the place. Seriously. I want a house like this! […]

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