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Once upon a time I said I’d be doing The Cooking Show episodes every first Friday. Two first Fridays later, still no new episode. I really ought to stop making promises I can’t keep.

So. I had enough of the guilt, so I decided to make a new episode today of the cooking show where you learn nothing (plus I had wayyy too much time on my hands)!

And today we’re making GINATAANG BILO-BILO!
(Yes, we’re very Filipino today.)
So obviously, I got to the kitchen a little late, and my sister and my mom had already made a plate of little malagkit balls. But Baby Bear graciously demonstrated how to make one (hah, as if y’all can’t make a simple ball, LOL.), since of course this is the whole point of the dish and the first thing (well not necessarily, but whatever) you have to do.

Step 1.1: Take a pinch of the giniling na malagkit (ground sticky rice? Wahahaha. I have no idea what this is in English.).

Step 1.2: Put it in between your palms and roll it into a ball.

And there you have it!

But of course that’s not all there is to the dish.

Another main ingredient is, obviously, the gata or coconut milk. For that we have Mama Bear to demonstrate to us how to extract the milk.

Step 2.1: In a basin, put coconut meat and add a little water. Squeeze coconut as if you were doing the laundry.

Step 2.2:  Use a strainer(?) to make sure you get every drop of milk out of those coconuts.

So, a small basin of coconut meat corresponds to a small bowl of coconut milk. Pretty unfair tradeoff, if you ask me, but that’s enough for a pot of ginataang bilo-bilo so I guess that’s ok.

Meanwhile, Baby Bear has been getting artsy-fartsy with the bilo-bilo.

Look, she made little piggies! One for each of us sisters. We actually fished these out from the pot when we were getting our helping of ginataang bilo-bilo, LOL.


While coconut milk (plus water and I think the malagkit balls too) was simmering over at the stove…

Baby Bear was busy texting.


I meant preparing the other ingredients, LOL.

Eventually everything ended up in the pot, until finally…

…We got to enjoy the yummy Filipino dish! Yay!

Um. If you’re interested to know exactly how this was made, just ask your grandma or something, I’m sure she knows. :P


Written by eeeek

January 9, 2008 at 10:45 pm

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  1. Yum! Ang cute nung piggies. Kala ko mold yun. Gawa lang pala ni Idol. Galing! *clap clap*


    January 13, 2008 at 6:27 pm

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