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Long-lost twins?

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Friends, meet my doggie bag.

It’s the one I’d been wanting for weeks, and just this Tuesday it finally became mine. It’s just the right size for my school needs, it has pockets for better organization, aaaaand it’s got this super cute doggie print.

Here’s a closer look at the print:

Now meet my binder.

It’s been with me since the start of the school year. I’ve had two other binders like this before (Teka, mahal to diba? Nako, ang spoiled ko talaga hahahaha.), but this is my favorite because of the design. The other two ones were plain and boring eh.

When I brought my bag home and showed it to my binder, the two of them hit it off and instantly became friends.

Like, totally. They’re BFFs now. So inseparable. Of course this has nothing to do with the fact that it’s my school bag ang the binder is my notebook for all my subjects so naturally it stays in the bag everyday, LOL.

Notice anything? Yeah, they’ve both got the same design.

No, I did NOT get the bag so it would match the binder. I just really liked it. I’m actually contemplating changing the cover of my binder (replacing it with one of the boring ones) so I’m not so matching anymore. But well, as if naman I carry my binder around for everyone in the university to see, right? So ok lang.

At ano bang paki nila eh sa I really like the doggie print? Haha.


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January 11, 2008 at 8:21 pm

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