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Remnants of my past

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Gino sent this to me so I could add it to my Eeeek page. Oh, the memories! Haha. I’ve got the weirdest column name noh? Such a narcissitic name pa, LOL. That was actually for my first and last column (which you probably know already, since the column was named exactly that harhar).

I love how the font for “Eeeek!” is so special and so unlike the ones Gino used for the other opinion columns. Lakas ko talaga kay Gino. :lol:

PS. For those who are wondering how “Eeeek” came about, ask my Journmates. It just evolved from EIC. I dunno who started using the current pronounciation. I guess they just got tired of spelling it out every time they referred to me, and the name just stuck. (Clar actually still calls me Eic sometimes when she texts me, haha.) I invented Eeeek when I signed up for Multiply and had trouble thinking of a name. Eic was to short, and Eeeek was cuter, so there.


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January 16, 2008 at 6:35 pm

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