Life is so… whatever.

Lent na!

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Or at least tomorrow anyway.

What shall I give up this Lent? Hmmm, I can think of several things. I shall reveal the chosen sacrifice na lang tomorrow. Secret na lang pala. :P

I remember last year I chose to give up this particular thing (secret na lang kung ano)… It was hard because it had been a habit for so long… But super worth the hardship because even after Lent, I eventually quit the habit completely.

Ok, so I know Lent is not about quitting bad habits but rather remembering Christ’s suffering for our salvation, repenting for our sins, and also following His example. Pero part na rin ng following Christ’s example ay ang pagtigil ng bad habits, diba? :P

(Uyyy, pablog-blog pa, parang walang Math53 midterms bukas eh! :lol:)


Written by eeeek

February 5, 2008 at 9:09 pm

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