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“What better way to show your appreciation and gratitude than by giving back to those who matter most?”

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Pretty long title, but that statement, which is the theme for the PSHS-SCA Kyut Kamp 2, pretty much sums up why I do it.

Go back and serve, I mean, despite college busy-ness and having to go straight to school from Pisay on a Monday morning functioning on a sleepy head and an empty stomach. I was not lying when I said in my talk that it was them, them Pisay kids, who matter most. Pisay made me that person giving that talk, so I was simply showing my overwhelming gratitude by helping to mold the kids who will be the ones giving talks next time. :)

Or maybe I really had no choice because Rap surprised me with that talk, LOL. Joke lang. :P

So. Let’s recap muna. I went to Pisay at 3. No wait. I commuted to Pisay, luggage and all, at 3 because I was gonna attempt to learn to ride a bike. However Imang and Bernie took forever to arrive so I just bonded with Ma’am Caps at the CS unit until they did. (Score 1 point for the pro side regarding Decision#2. Secret na lang what Ma’am Caps said that merited that point. :P )

When the Espinosa sisters eventually did arrive, I had already lost interest in biking, and Imang played devil’s advocate so talagang wag na, LOL. Ate ice cream and strolled a bit around the fair grounds, then helped (kunyari) prepare for the camp.

Many campers went to the fair concert, while those of us left at the ASTB ate dinner then watched Juno, which we assessed in groups later. Had many realizations about the issues tackled in the movie. Then living Rosary. After that there was more food (SANWITZ loooove!), cards with ’08, ’10 and Jejo, and then finally lights out. Which to me meant I finally had a chance to prepare for my talk. Yes, while most of them were already asleep by 2, I was up until 3 writing a talk that I probably sucked at anyway. You should just read the written version of it, I swear it was much better on paper than when I delivered it in total bangagness. :P

Anyways, moving on.. Let’s not dwell too much on my obvious lack of oral communication skills (how I can write but not talk is beyond me).

After my talk we broke off into groups and I met some new ’11 kids and we talked about God’s call and service and stuff like that (I found out that I had an instant Mass service team right there in my group… One’s a pianist/guitarist/singer, another’s a commentator/lector, and another’s an altar server.. o diba). And after we ran out of service-related stuff to talk about I asked them how they found Pisay so far, and I remembered my own first year and how similar it was to what they shared, haha.

And then Father Mon’s and Ma’am R’s talks after that. I did not faci anymore because I was not listening, LOL. Bonding with Ma’am Aimee during Father Mon’s talk so I only caught parts of it. Sayang, I hear it was a good one pa and was really looking forward to it. With Ma’am R’s naman (How to Find Your One True Love!!!)… The other ’07 people left already so only Imang and I were still there, so kaya na ng Team Core Team yun (haha I really like calling them that, don’t I?).

I think after that was the banana game, in which my team won, yay! Tapos… ZOMG TWO GLORIOUS HOURS OF FREE TIME AKA SLEEPING TIME! And then Mass at 4:30. Sat beside Mr. Payongayong because of some strange connivance brought about by everyone else going off to be the choir and Mariel pushing me towards him when I clearly left space between him and me for her to sit. It was ok, although I firmly believe that it was that (the hand-holding during the Our Father) and Mr. Umbrellaella (LOL) coughing on my blanket that caused me to catch the affliction too, harrumph.

After the Mass was the treasure hunt. Imang joined them, while I played cards with some of Team Core Team and Iya and Jay sang High School Musical Songs for the (almost-)empty ASTB to hear.

I’m not sure but I think after that was Kuya Peter’s talk entitled To Love or Not To Love. Musta naman yun. Feel na feel ba ang still-Valentine’s decor ng ASTB? Haha.

After that was dinner, then some more free time which was supposed to be used as preparation for E-night but instead Imang and I used it as bonding time, LOL. Which is why we did not have a presentation. Also, it’s not fun when it’s just the two of us presenting, is it? Baka matakot lang sila, haha.

Then.. E-night na! Most awaited night in every camp! Haha. We judged it to be a 5-way tie because we’re boring like that, although my personal favorite remains to be Kervin’s doble-kara performance, and… ok fine, Team Core Team’s presentation. Maybe because they’ve gone through many E-nights already, so they’ve kinda mastered the art of being super entertaining and amusing. Rubik’s cube solo for the win! LOL.

And then after that… Living Rosary, then Magic Sing! Ok, so mostly it was Team Core Team (particularly Jay) hogging the mic as usual, LOL. As for me, I was playing Egyptian whatever with Kervin, Lance, Jejo, my sister and later on Imang too. Terrible injustice, really, the way Imang kept winning all the cards without doing anything. When we all got tired of hitting each other, I helped Pate with her CS homework then finally I got to sleep on one of those mattresses from the girls’ dorm!

When morning came Imang and I wallowed in denial because it was back to reality: we had to go to school! But of course we played cards with Lance and Kervin muna until around 6:40 while fervently hoping that this was just some big joke and really it was still Sunday, or suddenly UP’s no-class day became Monday. Anything, just so we could have a reason not to leave. But eventually after much procrastination we really had to go, but not after Ma’am Caps almost forced us to take three sanwitzes each as baon. Well I wasn’t feeling too well (my tummy in particular; must’ve been all the feasting on bistek and sanwitzes and whatnot at any and all times) and I couldn’t even finish my one sanwitz. I was so tired at school and couldn’t wait for the day to end. However if I’d stayed it Pisay I would’ve been ok haha. Psychological ba, LOL.

So there, finally I got home at 4 and promptly fell asleep until dinner time. Yay.

Random stuff about the camp:

  • Rap and JB are so an item. Sorry sister dear but your boylet is cheating on you… with RAP! Hahahaha.
  • Super daming food like OMG. Ask for a meal at any point of the day and I’m sure Ma’am Caps will feed you.
  • As usual, may tents parin even though they know it’s indoors naman. It’s just not complete without tents, ganun ba? In fairness, they served as kulambo haha, andaming lamok eh.
  • Tin is the Egyptian queen! Cleopatra! Haha. I’m getting better at in na too yay!
  • How amazing is it that there are mattresses? Love it! At dahil dun ginamit na kumot ni Mr. Quitay ang sleeping bag ko nung 2nd night. What is it why my sister’s boylets and my sleep stuff????
  • Andaming free time like OMG. Medyo nakapag-nap tuloy ako yay, and also had a chance to have my sister do my Bio1 project hahaha.
  • Ako lang talaga ang ’07 na hindi nakakaalam na nag-eexist si Lance before nitong camp na to. Nung una akala ko pa hindi sya student eh hahahaha.
  • Yay Pate! At again may homework nanaman syang ginagawa like the last camp she was in hahaha. At again tinulungan ko nanaman sya haha.
  • Ang saya maligo sa dorm! Feel na feel namin ni Imang na tig-isa kami ng banyo! Hahaha.

Ok. Wow. That turned out longer than I thought it would. So anyways, musings naman.

I really really missed this. Granted, it really is different now that we’re alumni, at may pa-talk-talk pa akong nalalaman noh? But I’m so happy they still let us crash the camp as if we still belong. I’m so happy to have met these amazing ’11 kids (and syempre the kids from ’09 and ’10 as well pero 2011’s numbers were shockingly amazing as seen in the two camps) in whom I see the future of SCA.

Also, I’m so happy to see Team Core Team, who’ve done such a brilliant job in the past school year. I know it’s been hard (and disappointing at times when the numbers we were hoping for don’t quite materialize during meetings) for them but I love their passion and energy in service. I miss working with them ’08 kids (yak feeling matanda ba? Mas matanda pa nga sila sakin eh LOL) in SCA so I’m very happy that I still get that chance once in a while. Thank you so sooooo much for inviting us, even if Rap surprised me with that talk (bitter ba? Haha.). Next school year pare-pareho na tayong alumni, yihee. Can’t wait!

Again, thank you to SCA’s ever-loving adviser, Ma’am Caps, and thank you to the best Core Team the Kyut Kamp could ever have. :)

And of course, thank You Lord for giving me the chance to serve in Pisay. :)

PS. My Kyut Kamp 2 pics can be found here, and a video of Team Core Team’s E-night presentation can be found here.


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March 11, 2008 at 8:34 pm

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  1. kunwari, kasama to sa entry mo..

    and thank you to mr. _____ _________ for being super amazing… we wuvs you!!!

    haha.. joke… anyway… in fairness, tawa ako ng tawa sa entries mo..

    at okay ang mr. umbrellaella ahh… pwede..


    March 12, 2008 at 6:59 pm

  2. Hahahaha. Bat naman amazing? Wala lang, just sounds so…. vague. Wahaha.

    Sister ko kaya nagsabi ng Umbrellaella hahahaha. Totoo naman diba. Siguro sila dati ni Rihanna kaya nagkaroon ng song na Umbrella. What. Haha.


    March 12, 2008 at 8:07 pm

  3. joke.. unang-una, entry pala… anyway.. okay lang na vague.. para di halata.. naparanoid ako bigla.. anyway.. ang cool nung umbrellaella… very apt to the umbrella craze..


    March 12, 2008 at 8:16 pm

  4. Nako, as if naman he’ll find my blog noh. Unless he googles me or something. Wahaha feeling.


    March 12, 2008 at 8:18 pm

  5. Ayy, tinatawag din siya ng dorm manager namin dati na Umbrellala, long before the song hit the charts.


    March 12, 2008 at 11:42 pm

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