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All I wanna do is love like Jesus!

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Standing in that open field with my arms outstretched and reaching out to God, surrounded by good friends and more than 10,000 other people, with the wind (or the sun) in my face, it was impossible not to feel His love, and it was so overwhelming that one can’t help wanting to share it with others. Truly, all I wanna do is love like Jesus.

My voice is a bit hoarse and my face is horribly sunburned right now, but those are just trivial concerns when compared to my super amazing weekend. I’ve been waiting for this for more a year, ever since I found out that I really couldn’t go to last year’s ILC because of family matters. As in naiyak pa talaga ako sa classroom ng Grav isang morning ng last Pisay perio namin because I wanted to go so badly but I just couldn’t. Kaya this year I resolved to go lalo na since sa Tagaytay sya, and it was like God telling me, “Ok lang yan anak. Next year, bibigyan ulit kita ng opportunity na makasama.”  There was no way I was gonna miss this. And now that it’s come (and gone), I’m just so unbelievably happy. Here’s what happened during my happiest weekend in a long loooooong time.


I’m gonna do Nico’s day-by-day style (with his permission, of course. :P Journalist na journalist talaga eh noh. Haha.) because it’s more convenient that way.

Pre-ILC (Sabi sa inyo gaya to sa style ni Nico eh.)

This part starts from March 3, the (supposedly) last day of registration. Super inaanticipate na namin yung event for months, pero syempre last minute resigtration parin kami. :)) I forgot to ask my mom for money the night before, or to even make paalam again, because I bet she had already forgotten about it even though I’d been telling her for months. So during lunch with Imang sa Kenneth’s Kitchen I was panicking and ordering my sister to ask my mom because haller, I had class kaya, eh sila Pinoy plays na lang. But of ncourse sister dearest was busy watching the plays so syempre ako na naman nag-asikaso. Had to call my mom at the office to make sure she was still allowing us, told her na I’ll just withdraw money and go to Pisay after my classes to pay, and then she could reimburse me later when she gets home. Pero apparently according to Rap pwede pa daw until the end of the week so I didn’t have to withdraw. Pero hindi pa yun sure so I threatened to kill Rap kapag hindi kami nakasama. :lol: :P

Eventually na-extend to March 17 yung registration so we got to register without further ado.

The week/s before the ILC, Imang and Nico were in search for accommodations because Nico was going to be the only guy, and if we were going to stay in the official/generic/whatever accommodations, Nico will be in a separate area, and of course we all know that Nico will die when left alone so they searched for a place to stay. I wasn’t able to help and simply waited for updates from Imang because the week before ILC was grad week here in my house. If you’re like Cam who was wondering why I was so busy when I just had to attend the graduations, the answer is this: I’m also makeup artist, hairdresser, shopping assistant, kitchen assistant, and guest entertainer. Haha. Aside from the three graduations (my sister, my cousin, then my dad), there was the mega combined grad party and my sister’ s Baccalaureate Mass, and also we had to shop for my cousin’s grad dress and my tita’s grad parent outfit (syempre kelangan mukhang sosyal, LOL). Our only free day was on the day before the ILC, and even that wasn’t totally free because I accompanied my cousin to Gateway for a job application at Accenture, but that’s another story altogether. Anyway, the point here is that in the panic of the week before the ILC, I was busy with other matters, leaving Patma and Nico to organize everything. (Super thanks to you to btw. :))

ILC Day 1 (April 4)

Woke up around 4:30. No, not because we were going to meet up with the others at Burger King Welcome Rotonda, but because we had a graduation to attend. Nako. Super long and boring, watching 1000++ graduates. My dad was called near the end pa since last yung graduate studies, so my sister slept for the almost 4 hours before that. I even have videos. :)) Anyways, so ayun. Spent all morning there, then lunch at Gerry’s on Congressional Ave., then went home muna to pack (haha yes, hadn’t packed a single thing before that) while my cousin returned her toga sa UST. We left a little later than scheduled because my cousin couldn’t come na pala so nagkagulo ang plans. It was then decided that everyone else go with us to Tagaytay so musta naman, 5 people in the backseat. Buti na lang my nephew is so thin so medyo kasya naman kami.

Sometime around 7 or 8 we finally got to the venue after a looooooong drive, and I asked Imang to come fetch us sa labas haha. She went with Nico and Rap, because Nico had to blank. Hahaha. Rap was there so… he could carry our bags? Haha. Thank God for our manly men (er.. man lang pala, because Nico would probably never carry my bags for me except if it were just a 2-minute thing or something, LOL).

Anyways. So yeah, my ILC day1 really started nung gabi pa, boohoo. Good thing nun pa lang yung start talaga, before that competitions and stuff pa lang. We didn’t get to watch the official declaration na start na ang ILC because of Nico and his blank. :lol: So ayun, when we got to the grounds na talaga, Praise Parade (super love the Pinta Flores!) then Talk1: Marked. Umpisa na ng 3-day realization of how much God loves me, and how much I want to spread the love. It’s a mark that I’m proud to bear. <3333

During the talk my sister ate her dinner, pero ako tinamad haha. Tapos after that, syempre merong worship as sumkinda closing prayer. For some reason, I cried especially nung You Said, both because I was praying for so many things na super nakakaiyak (“You said/ ask and you will receive/ whatever you need…/ You said/ pray and I’ll hear from heaven…”), and because it was the first time in a long time that I got to worship like that. I never realized how much how I hungered for that kind of worship until that night, and it was refreshing and overwhelming and I just felt so loved by Him. :)

After that, partaayy! With Sugarfree pa, kaya pala Diane told me not to leave yet. Oh well, sorry na lang, we were so antok na by that time, saka we’ve seen Sugarfree already hehehe. Trooped to Imang’s car and Imang’s dad drove the Pisay and the Lourdes delegations (aka the WestB HS delegations) to the accomodations. When we got there, washed our very dusty feet, tapos struggle sa pagdetermine ng aming sleeping arrangement, because we had to fit 13 girls in one tiny room. Shared the bathroom pa with people from other rooms, so super haba ng pila. Imang and I decided to use the bathroom in the boys’ pavilion. It turned out to be a good decision since very few people opted to use it, either because there was no heater, or because the drain was kinda clogged (found out the morning after who clogged it haha). Pero syempre kami keri lang. Played cards with the boys and ate those Fibisco Choco Crunchies or whatever you call them. Went to sleep at around 2am na ata.

ILC Day 2 (April 5)

Happy birthday Mr. Umbrellaella! Hahaha syempre puro Umbrellaella jokes kami nila Nico kahit nung cards session pa lang nung bago kami matulog, haha. Sabi pa nga ni Nico tawagan ni Zelle si Umbrellaella tapos kakantahan namin sya. :))

Syempre the Pisay delegation was so tamad, so we decided not to go to the Mass na because we didn’t have anything much to do after that. Well there were workshops, but we could go to the ones scheduled at 2pm pa so we didn’t have to go to the venue early, so ayun, no Mass too. But of course we needed breakfast! Buti na lang, Lea from Dane’s sector took care of that, so ang wake up call pa namin ay yung breakfast, o diba sosyal! We got our food and then trooped to the boys’ pavilion to escape from the crowdedness (LOL) and also to visit the boys. Haynako, super nainggit kami sa super luwag na accommodations nila, so we decided to sleep there that night na. Sayang naman yung mattresses kung sila Nico at Rap lang ang gagamit diba? :)) Ayan tuloy kung ano-anong kababalaghan ang nagagawa nila. :P

Shortly after we decided to make tambay at the boys’ place, it started to rain! So diba buti na lang talaga we didn’t go out early. Just the thought of the mud at the open field scared us all, haha.

Wanted to take a bath na but the drain was clogged nga. And we discovered kung sino ang salarin: si Ate Rap! Sabi nya si Iya kasi daw nung sya pa naman the night before, it wasn’t clogged yet. Pero nung si Iya naman na (who used the bathroom after him), clogged na! Conclusion: it was Rap! So we played cards while I prodded Rap to call someone to unclog to drain so we could go and take a bath na. At dun na nagsimula ang pagiging malas ni Rap sa buhay namin. :P

Ayun, after much vanity (super nakakaganda ang cam ni Nico eh) and card-playing, na-unclog na rin ang banyo! So ayun, we took turns na. First Imang, then me, then Rap. BAD MOVE. Because malas talaga si Rap. May balat ata sa pwet eh. :)) Kasi… while he was taking a bath, the water ran out! O diba. Musta naman yun. May kung anong powers si Rap sa banyong yun. Nung una joke lang namin na wag paunahin si Rap, totoo pala! Kawawa naman sina Iya and the others.

Let me just say that Karizz was asleep through all of this. :)) She promptly fell asleep after our Jollibee longganisa/sausage/hotdog +egg breakfast, and only woke up sometime before lunch, haha.

Since it was raining pretty hard, we decided not to go the venue yet, and Ate Carla, Imang, Rap and I just went (courtesy of Imang’s dad) to get our lunch. Chowking, na bitin daw sabi nila. Haha poor Rap, ever the manly man who always gets to carry the food. :)) Imang and I tried (in vain) to submit our workshop stub thingers, but oh well I guess the workshop people were out to lunch too so somebody just told us to just bring the stubs to the venue of our chosen workshop.

Went back to the house for lunch, then left a little before 2pm. We decided to go to the webdev workshop because Rap and I were geeks and the mere mention of web design of course attracted us already. And since it was located conveniently close to the main venue (as in, sa tabi lang haha), the others agreed with us.

Hohoho. Ngunit. Medyo sleep-inducing sya. :( Tingnan nyo nga si Iya, nakatulog na ng nakadilat. :lol:

Ok sana kung ok yung sound system, at kung hindi kami nakaupo sa lobby ng TICC, but oh well, one point struck me, and it was to use my writing as a tool for evangelization. I think (I hope) I’ve been doing just that through my blog, and it inspired me to use this even more to spread the love. <3 After that was the episode Nico called Girls Gone Wild, in which the Pisay girls (excluding Karizz and me), in their desperation to go to the CR, invaded the boys’ CR na when the boys finished! Hahaha. Ambagal kasi magCR ng girls eh. And even sa pag-Girls Gone Wild nila, super tagal pa rin na Nico had time for a photoshoot hahaha.

After that was the failed search for ILC shirts. Huhuhu, the only sizes left when we looked was XL for men. Super haba, pwede na atang prom dress. :)) So Karizz bought a cap, tapos we got our dinner na. Chickenjoy! Haha. Also, Nico and my sister stole some Pepsi ads for us to sit on sa muddy grounds! Hahaha. Di ko kinaya! Haha. Sa concrete kami kumain para madali, pero we searched for a relatively dry/hard spot of ground to sit on for the sessions nung gabi. Well, the patch of ground (and the other parts leading to it) turned out not so soft pala. Here I am wiping off the icky mud on my feet, while they just suddenly decided to take a group photo.

But, as always, worship was amazing. The talk was amazing too. It was entitled Let God! and it was about letting go of whatever was hindering you from fully realizing His love and sharing it. It taught me to really surrender myself to God’s plan, because only in that way will I truly be able to be an instrument in spreading the love. As Karizz said, smooth ang transition from this talk to the third one, which was great because they were two similar things naman. This one was also about surrendering, and even though I was far away and lining up for the portalet, from what I could hear from there I could really feel the speaker’s passion, and it was just so inspiring.

When Nico and I went for a CR break sometime before session2 ended (I generally never use portalets, but I really had to pee na because it was so cold) and Rap, Bernie and my sister followed soon after, we decided to stay because have you any idea how difficult it was to navigate from our spot up to the portalet? Harrowing, I tell you. I’m just glad I didn’t trip or anything, just got lots of mud on my feet and the bottom of my pants.

Of course the tradeoff for abandoning our muddy spot near the stage was that I didn’t get to post my orange thinger on the panel boards, and that we had to worship in a spot where it felt like the North Pole. Kasi there were fewer people at the back syempre, so ayun there was less body heat and also less protection against the wind. All we had was each other, and the five of us huddled as close as possible to shield ourselves.

Kung gaano kami ka-dikit-dikit dyan sa photo na yan, ganyan kami the whole time. Haha. We must’ve looked odd, worshipping there like that, but I loved it. Kung nagwwonder kayong mga taong naiwan dun sa putik kung naka-worship ba kami ng ganun eh ang layo layo na tapos ang lamig pa, ang sagot ay OO. One of my favorite moments in the whole weekend. Again because it’s been a long while since I’ve last worshipped as in really worshipped, and because in that moment, I really felt God’s love in Bernie, my sister, Nico and Rap. How could I not? That huddle felt like God’s embrace, as if He was saying, “Anak, hindi kita hahayaang mag-isa sa lamig. Eto ang brothers and sisters mo to share it with you.” Ang sarap. Kahit puro putik na kami, kahit nangangatog na kami sa lamig, kahit hindi na nakataas ang kamay (dahil as in super huddle talaga), in my heart todo worship parin. Every time kasama ko yung mga taong yun (plus yung mga naiwan sa may putikan), I’ve always marveled at how God has blessed me with such people to share my journey of faith with, and in that moment I felt even more blessed than ever. Ibang klaseng bonding kapag ganun kayo ka-close (literally! haha) magworship. Wala nang batch boundaries or whatever. In that moment, it was just five people, brothers and sisters in Christ, worshipping together. Basta. I just can’t say enough how blessed I am to have met these people. :) <3333333333333

After that, search for midnight snacks then syempre we didn’t partay again and just went home (to our lodgings). Played cards while waiting for my turn sa CR, but I fell asleep watching them haha. So ayun, dun na ko natulog sa mattress nila Nico. O diba pate gender boundaries wala na. Pero sanay naman talaga kaming tabi-tabi matulog so whatever diba. Kung may naganap mang kababalaghan between Rap and Nico, haha, ayoko nang malaman. :P

ILC Day 3 (April 6)

Woke up at 5 the next morning, so unang una ako sa banyo! Harharhar. So hindi ako nagmamadali whatsoever, tapos I just woke the others up after I took a bath. Si Karizz lang ang nagising, so next na sya while I went back to sleep, LOL. Habang medyo lumiliwanag na, unti-unti na silang nagigising. Last yung boys, haha. As usual. Sila yung mga ayaw gumising despite multiply alarms and me prodding them. As in ang lakas at ang tagal ng alarm clock ni Nico (as in literal na alarm clock, hindi cellphone lang), hindi parin nagising!

Ayun, liguan, tapos punta na sa venue hoping we weren’t late for the Mass. Buti hindi naman. Nagsiksikan kami sa malong ni Karizz, tapos mainit pa so we huddled under umbrellas pa hahaha. After the Mass pa kami nakapagbreakfast, tapos vanity sa umbrella while talk4. Haha sorry Rap ikaw ang napagtripan namin dahil suuuuper init at suuuuper walang magawa haha. As Nico mentioned, we discovered how Rap’s eyes get squintier and squintier the more he tries to make them bigger. Can you even tell which one is the eyes-open Rap and which one is the eyes-closed??

Haha. Ayun. The talk was basically a reaffirmation of everything we’ve learned and realized the whole weekend. (Haha kunyari pa ko, ang totoo hindi ako masyado nakinig. Ang naalala ko lang, something about being 100% pure and stuff like that) Ay! We also so Jef! Grabe, miss ko na si Jef!!! Saka.. naghalo-halo kami na hindi masarap kasi super init talaga, then closing worship (during which natapon yung isang halo-halo). Somehow we all ended up in one big group hug, tapos the Pisay-Ateneo people came pa and joined the love. <333 Haha nawala na yung praying for each other part; we were just so happy to be with each other.

(Haha picked this picture kasi eto yung Pisay delegation talaga. Harhar. But I love the huddle pic with the Ateneo people and the one with Jef and Dane and Iya too. Wala nga lang ako nung with Ateneo people kasi nakay Karizz yun)

Tapos… lunch back sa lodgings. Greenwich naman ngayon! O diba bongga, may variation! Haha. Tapos. Ayun. Went home courtesy of Imang’s family again. Nakatulog ako for half the trip, then Karizz, Rap, my sister and I rode a jeep pauwi from Rotonda while Nico was fetched sa BK. Whatever plans I had of watching a movie pa in Trinoma, nawala na because I was soooo sleepy haha. When we got home, I just ate some pesto then fell asleep and didn’t wake up until this morning. :))

Ayun. Best weekend talaga in a long time. Got to worship, got to be with my YFC-Pisay family, and got to be with 10,500 others who share the same love for God. Sobrang nakaka-refresh ng faith, and nakaka-overwhelm ang love ni God upon seeing so many people who’ve been touched by Him. And they say that the youth now lacks faith. Look at us, and we’ll prove you wrong, because there still exists the youth who have surrendered their lives to God, and who are basking in His love.


Special thanks to:

~The Espinosa family for the transpo and everything… :) Suuuper thank you po talaga :)
~YFC-Pisay for the great experience together
~And Nico for the pics. Hehe.

PS. Whew. Natapos din ang suuuuuper habang ILC entry ko. Watch out for my very few pics tomorrow on Multiply.


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  1. I do have to admit I didn’t read all of it since some of it is in Tagalog (I believe), but the title drew my attention. I know what you mean! All I wanna do is love like Jesus! God Bless You!


    April 8, 2008 at 3:45 am

  2. Yahoooo rayray! Nakalimutan kong di ka nga pala nakapunta last year haha. Cebu naman next year yehey (p.s. sama na lang kayo sa Ateneo delegation para mas madali at mas masaya hahahaha)


    April 8, 2008 at 6:57 am

  3. simplicityandme: Hee, sorry.. I originally wanted to write in straight English, but I could’t help switching back to Tagalog because I could express my thoughts more that way. But I’m glad you could relate to the parts I wrote in English. :)

    Rob: Anong yehey sa Cebu? Camon. Poverty na us. Saka camon pano naman kaya ako papayagan diba. At camon. Panong mas madali kung kasama kami sa Ateneo delegation?? Haha, di ko nga alam kung Pisay o UP ako sasama eh. Pero oh well, we’ll see what God has in store for us for next year’s ILC. :)


    April 8, 2008 at 10:21 am

  4. hahaha exactly. the more challenging it is, the more obvious God’s hand will be :D Poverty na us kamusta naman haha (parang dito na me. hehehe).


    April 8, 2008 at 10:35 am

  5. Yuhh. Alam mo naman, conyo na me. :lol:


    April 8, 2008 at 10:36 am

  6. “Ibang klaseng bonding kapag ganun kayo ka-close (literally! haha) magworship. Wala nang batch boundaries or whatever. In that moment, it was just five people, brothers and sisters in Christ, worshipping together. Basta. I just can’t say enough how blessed I am to have met these people. :) <3333333333333”

    Yey, RayRay! This part sums up how I feel about the Pisay group talaga and lalo na sa ating huddle group. That was special, noh? Sosyal.. :D


    April 8, 2008 at 3:43 pm

  7. “Thank God for our manly men (er.. man lang pala, because Nico would probably never carry my bags for me except if it were just a 2-minute thing or something, LOL).”

    Excuse me! I just really had to blank.. :P hehe.. but thank God for Rap.. :D


    April 8, 2008 at 3:44 pm

  8. hay grabe. best ilc of mine ever! yak. as if ang dami ko nang napuntahan diba? basta this was i think better than last year’s kasi it was such an uphill climb and talagang nafeel ko sa sarili ko na ginugusto ko yung ginagawa ko even more. :) Cebu ha! Kalembangin mo na parents mo. :P pag sumama parents ni Dane sa Cebu sana payagan ako! im excited and nervous. i-claim na natin RayRay na papayagan tayo. haha. :P


    April 8, 2008 at 3:46 pm

  9. Super. Basta. Ibang klaseng bonding yung wala namang sinasabi, naka-huddle lang. Parang si God na mismo yung nag-bond sating lahat. :) Basta. Parang after nun, I can’t think of you 4 without thinking of the huddle na. :)

    Hohoho. You blank-er! :lol:

    Yuh. Kahit ako pa magisa magbayad ng pagpunta ko, payagan lang ako! Nakapunta na nga ako sa Cebu without my parents nung Grade6 pa lang ako eh, so dapat payagan ako ngayon!


    April 9, 2008 at 11:02 am

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