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…of what to blog, and I realized that I haven’t really made a sem-/year-ender post yet. Haha, a little late for that, seeing as today’s the start of the summer semester already so while others are busy with a new chapter of their college lives, I’m here still thinking about the previous one. But oh well. I’m not one of those who had to go to school today naman, and besides, I’d hate to pass up an opportunity to pass on my knowledge of what subjects to take to those students like me who google potential GEs and profs first before hitting that ‘Enlist’ button, LOL.

But before we go to that, let me just write a bit about the past year and pretend that evaluating subjects and teachers wasn’t the sole purpose of this entry, LOL.

So. My first year of college was… fun, funny, exciting, exhausting, boring, insane, trying, and just about anything else I could think to describe it. It was so much more than I expected, and though sometimes I might mean that in a negative way, generally I’m pretty happy with how the year turned out. There are some things I wish I could’ve done better or differently, but I guess there’s next school year do so.

Ano pa ba… UP is so fun! You really will meet all sorts of different people. Saka fun pa exploring the different places (trying to find the best CRs and the best kainans haha).

OK whatever. On to my real purpose, LOL.


  • CS11 (Of course una to because it’s my major :P)
    • The Subject Itself: Ayos lang, mostly a review of Pisay CS. I understood a lot of things better now though, because back in Pisay hindi naman talaga ako nakikinig masyado sa CS. Haha. (Here’s the part where you all wonder why I picked CS in the first place)
    • The Teacher: Sir Philip Zuniga was very nice. Akala namin nung una scary, pero hindi naman pala. :D Hindi sya super sisiw magbigay ng exercises and exams, pero hindi rin naman pamatay. Kumbaga, tama lang, hehe. Most of the things he makes us answer were really taken from the lectures naman, so no surprises sa exams. You just have tto listen well during lectures. Also, yung MPs… At first look parang sisiw lang, but once you start doing it, you’ll realize that there’s all sorts of complications pala, so it gets kinda challenging too. But Sir Philip is nice when it comes to partial points so yay! (Hindi naman like Caalim-generous, but he grades fairly)
    • Other comments: I guess one big factor why I enjoyed this class was my blockmates. Nung una talagang dndread namin every CS class, but as we bonded, mas naging ok pumasok sa CS because at least we suffered together. :P
  • Math17 (Motto ng mga Eng’g freshies: MUST PASS MATH17!!!)
    • The Subject: Hohoho. Ayos lang kasi medyo review lang ng Pisay Math. Where I used to fail all the time back in high school, ngayon alam ko na! Hehe. But the Pisay advantage doesn’t mean walang effort necessary. Kelangan parin ng aral; the Pisay advantage just enables you to more easily get higher grades, but that still depends on whether or not you do your part too.
    • The Teacher: Favorite teacher ng G13! :D We love Sir Caalim! Super kuleeeeeeeet! Super nice too, hindi masyadong nosebleed magpa-exam, and suuuuper generous sa partial points. Minsan nakaka-guilty na nga ang generosity nya because I feel like I don’t deserve a 4 out of 5 on a problem that I scrawled only a one-line, unfinished solution on. I wouldn’t have gotten the grade I did at the end of the sem if I were under another prof. Pero hindi lang dahil dun kaya love namin sya. He’s super funny, saka as if friends-friends lang kami. You won’t be able to fall asleep kahit na first class of the day sya, because of his quotable quotes. Basta. Love him! :D
    • Others: Morning bonding with G13! Hehe sorry medyo OP ata sina RJ, Fred at Laura. Haha. Aside from our block kasi, the three of them were the only others.
  • Kas1
    • The Subject: Favorite GE for the first sem, mostly because the two others were crap. Haha. Pero basta. Mahaba man ang readings, enjoy kasi history geek din naman ako. Saka it makes you appreciate our country, our culture and our freedom more. Sayang nga lang, medyo rushed nung latter part kasi kulang na sa time.
    • The Teacher: 1.5 lang ang highest nyang binigay sa class namin. At 2.00 lang ako, haha. Kasi naman, Ma’am Mibolos likes super long and in-depth essays. Eh I’m a newswriter diba, so even though she makes us relate whole chapters of the book for one 10-point essay, mine of couse turns out like a flash report of the revolution or whatever. :)) But I tried to make my essays longer nung second exam, and my efforts did pay off, but unfortunately since there were only two exams, pulling up my horrendous first exam grade wasn’t going to be easy. Both were worth 25 points each pa, and exams constitute 50% of the grade, so every point lost in an exam was 1% lost from your final grade. (Hindi ako bagsak nung first exam ha! Haha, just saying.)
    • Others: Ang init ng classroom. Haha. Again, OP nanaman yung iilang taong hindi naming blockmate. Hohoho.
  • Eng1
    • The Subject: Well, the course title says it all: Basic college English. Grammar and composition. Essays I totally BS-ed, haha. (I mean, camon, out of the blue we were asked to write a 300-word essay on any social issue. Well, I know several social issues in the country, but I don’t know specific details about them diba, so basically I just BS-ed my way into that particular essay and tried to sound like I knew what I was talking about.) I’m a language geek so I wasn’t as bored as most of my blockmates, but yeah, it was a pretty boring subject.
    • The Teacher: Or maybe it was just because the teacher was boring kaya bored na bored kami sa subject. The substitute teacher who filled in for Sir Queano for the first few meetings (because he was abroad) was really fun and nice naman. Why couldn’t it have been her na lang??? Hahaha. Still, I thank Sir Queano for believing my BS-ed papers and giving me a 1.5. I don’t know if it was me (and my English prowess.. yak kapal! :P) or he just really bought my crap. Haha. Whatever it was, buti na lang. Haha.
    • Others: The final exam was weird! More than four months taking grammar exams and stuff, tapos puro reading comprehension sya?!?! Well, there was this outlining+essay writing part too, which was a bit of a challenge for me because I don’t do outlines. Ok, I do, but only in my head, and not like a real, concrete structure of the flow of my essay. Basically I just think of my point, and then some other things I’d like to say to elaborate the point, and that’s it. Pero we had to do an outline here, which already threw me off. What made it worse was that it was a three-level sentence outline, so basically I was outlining practically the exact essay na. Ayoko nun, because though it was practically the same as my essay, it was chopped up into parts and not like a single flowing thing like I usually do in my essays.
  • NatSci1
    • The Subject: Physics+Chem. Blah. For someone from a science high school, I oddly don’t have a particular affinity for science subjects. Weird pa because everything was pretty much just glossed over and not tackled in-depth because it was like years of two Pisay subjects crammed into half a semester each, so para kang nagccram-review, yung parang pag magttest na tapos isscan mo yung notes mo. Ganun. Haha.
    • The Teachers: Sir Abastillas was a bit boring, but at least he had an entertaining laugh (“Ksk ksk ksk ksk!”). When Sir Genuino came along (for the Chem part), we immediately wanted Sir Abastillas back. At least he let us talk during class, LOL.
    • Others: The fun part here is that the exams are multiple choice, so if you didn’t listen at all, you could still pass if you’re lucky with guesswork. The down side is that the four exams (two for each part) are all that make up your grade, so you better hope you’re lucky with guesswork if you don’t want to have to take the finals pa.

Well, that turned out longer than I expected. Hay, may second sem pa!


  • CS12
    • The Subject: Intro to Programming II. Or something like that. Basta, mostly continuation of CS11. With a little bit of more advanced topics (such as advanced sorting algorithms, and data structures) added. Mas challenging syempre yung advanced topics.
    • The Teacher: Sir Yap was… very lenient. You could come an hour late and it’d be ok with him. However, he generally dismisses the class very early, so wala ka na rin namang masyadong maaabutan if you go to class that late. Pag lectures, he has really short powerpoint presentations, tapos pag lab, we generally just play around with the new concepts, haha. Walang MEs, just unofficial exercises pag lab. Easy-peasy pa. There were two practical exams (plus a sort of re-take of the first one but not quite), and no written exams. Super surprising yung exams though because we were used to his easy exercises, tas biglang nosebleed yung exam! Kaya ayun we had to have a reprise of the first exam because only two people finished. Two MPs, one of which I got exempted from pa because I joined a programming contest in which my team lost anyway, haha. But Sir Yap is very nice and generous sa pagggrade. He’ll give you every opportunity to pass. As in yung reprise ng first exam, naging take home pa (with deductions nga lang) para lang matapos yung mga hindi nakatapos.
    • Others: Guess how many we were in that class. Haha. 10! So fun. So very laidback yung atmosphere.
  • Math53
    • The Subject: It started off fine… Until we got to the topics Pisay Math didn’t cover. Haha. Well, hindi naman ako bagsakan, but my performance was less than stellar. Basta. Mahirap yung second half.
    • The Teacher: Ma’am Marge wasn’t as scary as people said she was, and during the first half of the sem, her exams were even far from the pamatay that people said they were going to be. Pero umpisa lang pala yun. Although nabawasan ang sungit nya samin later on (she became pretty fun actually), the exams were super nosebleed naman, and I really needed the 5-point bonuses from boardworks, haha.
    • Others: Um. Simula pa lang to ng 50-series. I hope I survive the rest. Also, ambigat ng TC7!
  • Geog1
    • The Subject: Kinuha ko to because everyone said it was an uno-able subject. Hahahaha. I really didn’t know much about Geog, so this subject was quite an eye-opener for me. I discovered that geography isn’t just about maps and places and stuff; it can also be related to the population, to culture, and to everything else.
    • The Teacher: Unlike Cam’s Geog1 teacher, Sir Garcia wasn’t the type of prof na walang ka-effort-effort na nirerequire from the class. Yes, uno-able ang subject nya but Sir Eman made sure na inaapply mo talaga yung mga tinuro nya. Sa exams, hindi pwedeng hindi ka nagbasa. Mabait sya mag-grade though because I even scored higher on the second exam than  on the first kahit na I was suuuuper sick when I took it. Ang dami pang bonus. :)
    • Others: Sayang nga lang hindi ako nakapunta sa Geog camp so ayun, hindi ako bonded with my class. Feeling siguro nila loner ako. :))
  • Bio1
    • The Subject: Hay. Ang daming lessons. Hindi ko na alam kung lahat ba yun kasali pa sa syllabus o pakana lang ng prof ko. Haha. Nagrereview ako ng almost 1-inch thich na stack ng powerpoint printouts for every test eh. About all sort of Bio topics, ranging from evolution to emerging diseases to genetics to lead poisoning. What. Haha.
    • The Teacher: Ma’am Amparado reminds me of Edna from The Incredibles. Haha. They have the same name pa. She starts off discussing the real subject matter, pero you never know where the discussion will go. As in super random na lang. Marerelate nya ang government sa cancer. Ay wait, madali lang yun. Haha. but you get my drift.
    • Others: Shocking ang grade ko dito. Yung grade ko sa Math53, dito ko ineexpect na makukuha eh. But oh well. Baka ang galing ko sa 2nd exam? Baka super nagandahan sya sa pedigree ko? Haha ewan. Basta. Sabi nila mababa sya magbigay so I braced myself for a 2.00 or less, but I got so much more than that. Also, I met super fun seatmates! Ayen, Vince, and Chelle. Daldalan na lang pag hindi na namin ma-follow ang pinagsasasabi ni Ma’am, haha.
  • Eng11 (Last to because this has been my favorite college subject so far)
    • The Subject: Literature and society. Parang Eng12 lang din, pero hindi novels ang dinidiscuss (or at least that’s the way it was handled samin). We discussed different forms of literature, tapos analyzed different works from different authors.
    • The Teacher: One of the best English teachers I’ve had (way up there with Ma’am Oblepias!). Sir Emil Flores had a way of discussing the works in class eh.. Basta. He could relate it to present society, to pop culture, to the government. Basta. Literature and society talaga. He made us watch Dead Poets’Society and Robin Williams’ character reminded me of him. Yung tipong pag ineexplain nya kasi yung mga stories and poems sa class, kung ano-anong realizations and analysis ang binibigay nya na I never would’ve thought of by myself. In that way, natututo din ako to look at things (particularly literary works) from another perspective, yung hindi lang yung surface ang nakikita mo kundi pati yung underlying meaning. Basta. Ang galing galing nyang prof. Hindi ko alam kung bakit parang bored na bored ang classmates ko sa class dahil sobrang galing nyang magdiscuss. Buti na lang mabait sya kaya kahit walang nagrerecite, tuloy lang sya. Hindi rin naman sya yung tipong parang walang paki. Basta. He just gets kinda lost in his own little literary world, and kitang kitang enjoy na enjoy sya sa pag-a-analyze nung readings namin.
    • Others: If you haven’t taken this subjec, take it! And make sure si Sir Flores and prof mo! :D

Ayun lang. Haha. Kasi ako when I enlist, I google my profs and my classes eh, and aside from the ever reliable peyups, sometimes I get valuable information from blogs of other UP students who have gone through the classes that I plan to take. So ayun. Just passing the knowledge along. :)


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    April 12, 2008 at 12:09 am

  2. Haha. Di naman. Inspired lang nung conversation na yun. Tapos naisip kong gawin na for all profs and teachers, haha. :P


    April 12, 2008 at 6:58 am

  3. Weaw. Ang dorky mo. HAHAHA.


    April 12, 2008 at 4:41 pm

  4. hindi ba pag science school student ka, wala ka talagang affinity for science subjects? :P ung mga diniscuss sa inyo sa bi01, kasama talaga… buti nga kayo powerpoint handouts lang eh… kami photocopy ng acetate pero kailangan ng reading from campbell.. :( infairness, super fun talaga ang mga lit profs.. i love my eng12 prof.. and up is so love!!!


    April 13, 2008 at 9:58 pm

  5. Haha, It’s either one of the extremes eh. The super nerds just looooooove science eh, haha.

    Haha. Onga. Buti na lang di ko na kelangan ng campbell. But still. Hindi ko na nga natatapos yung mga pinapagaralan ko eh haha.

    Ang yeah. UP’s lit profs are so the best!


    April 13, 2008 at 10:12 pm

  6. I’d love to do this, too, but I can’t! My teachers are my colleagues! Harhar. :)


    April 14, 2008 at 1:06 am

  7. Haha. Aww. Too bad. It’s really fun pa naman. :P

    (Oooh, I know, you can post it on Multiply and set it for contacts only! :lol:)


    April 14, 2008 at 10:51 pm

  8. I google Ma’am Amparado and her Bio 1-ness. Your wordpress popped kaya dahil dyan, do you still have her handouts? Paglalamayan ko siya this sem.

    Revee Rapallo

    April 14, 2009 at 4:25 pm

  9. I googled Ma’am Amparado and her Bio 1-ness. Your wordpress popped kaya dahil dyan, do you still have her handouts? Paglalamayan ko siya this sem.

    Revee Rapallo

    April 14, 2009 at 4:25 pm

  10. hi! I’m from UP clark and dahil sa pagkadesperado kong pumasa ng bio1 dahil sa kapalpakan kong quizzes, nag resort ako to researching about her :)) then I found your blog :) ate, may tips ka ba on how to study for her exams? and kailangan na ba ako kabahan dahil bagsak ata ako sa dalawang quizzes ko ? :/


    August 12, 2010 at 10:54 pm

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