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My best friend turns 18, yay! (Part I: The month or so before the party)

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Everyone else is probably still at Cam’s party right now (or at least when I started this entry anyway, because it took so long to finish that everybody’s probably asleep by now, LOL), so I’ll be the first one to blog about it, yay!

Why am I home early anyway? Well, I’ll get to that part later. Let’s start from the very beginning muna.

So. April pa lang alam na ni Cam, and nasa ILC pa ako when she frantically texted me about something fishy going on between her mom and her friends. At that time I wasn’t even in on the plan yet, so despite her suspicions, I vehemently denied being aware of any debut plans. (I swear, di ko talaga alam! Haha. If I had known then, I wouldn’t have helped you get to the correct conclusion.) Naturally, Cam was outraged because she didn’t want a party as in debut talaga. Her words went something like, “Weh! Ayoko! Alam naman ni mommy yun eh! Ayoko talaga!” LOL. Tapos I said I didn’t know anything about it pa so double outrage. She was like, “Bat di ka kasama? Alam naman nilang ikaw close ko!” Hohoho. That was really funny, trying to concentrate on the ILC while trying to placate my fretting best friend.

It was a few days later that I got a surprise phone call from Cam’s mom, telling me to invite a few grade school friends. I had a bit of difficulty trimming it down (haha kasi. Some were from the old barkada, so if you invite one, you gotta invite all.) but ayun. Invite I did, although apparently our grade school friends either don’t check their phones and Y!M, or they just don’t like RSVP-ing. Tuloy, it made my only task a bit stressful, haha. Until a few days ago, I didn’t even know who was coming and who wasn’t.

So, with a month left to go before her party, Cam was freaking stressed. I don’t understand why, really, it’s not as if there would be anything that you don’t normally see in such a party. Even if she didn’t know what was going to happen, it would be safe to assume there would be some sort of 18 _______, and some other random debut stuff. Nothing to get all anxious about, really. But I guess as much as she likes going to her friends’ debuts, she really hates it when the party is for her. Kawawa tuloy mom nya, who really wanted something special for her despite her protests. I tried to be the voice of reason, and every time we saw each other, a few moments would be devoted to the same conversation: “Eh, ayoko talaga ng debut!” “Ano ba, minsan-minsan lang naman to, pagbigyan mo na mommy mo.” Oh well, her mom won anyway since plans were already underway, harhar.

Eventually the connivers (ha?) for the party gave in and stopped pretending it’s still a secret because once Cam got wind of the plans, she just had to dig up the truth. Hay. Masaya naman ang surprises ah. (Tingnan mo ko, kitang kita ko na yung suuuper daming balloons nila nung 16th birthday ko, hinayaan ko na lang para may matira namang element of surprise haha.) Well, what she didn’t know was that I knew all along! Haha. On one date she was like, “Tinext ko si mommy na ayoko ng debut!” and I was like, “Anong sabi?” when in fact her mom called me while I was waiting for her at Trinoma, LOL. Apparently I acted sufficiently surprised as she related to me how her friends admitted to planning a party, that she thought I wasn’t going to be a part of it. She always said, “Gusto ko may grade school friends!” and I would just keep quiet and act as if I had nothing to say because I wasn’t invited. Haha mas exciting siguro kung nagdrama ako, maybe something like, “Boo. Ako yung best friend tapos ako pa yung wala!” pero baka OA na yun, LOL. I was going to tell her that I knew already nung aforementioned date, but I decided to wait until after she confronted her mom. I assumed when she talks to her mom I would be mentioned somewhere, but haha next date, she was like, “Umamin na si mommy!” Apparently she still didn’t know that I knew it all already. It was only last week when she found out. That was really funny. Haha. She was pretty mad, LOL. Of course then she demanded me to spill everything, but alas I knew practically nothing, so sorry na lang sya.


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May 3, 2008 at 11:26 pm

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  1. evil!!!


    May 9, 2008 at 10:48 pm

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