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My best friend turns 18, yay! (Part II: The actual birthday)

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So ayun. These past few days I was trying to confirm who was and wasn’t coming. It seemed for a time that only Nico and I were coming (plus Mikmik Galapon whose whole family was invited since they were family friends) so we planned on going at the same time para naman we’ll be OP together, haha. But this morning Erwin suddenly would be able to come na pala because his Baguio trip didn’t push through, so I decided to hitch a ride with him because I didn’t know what time my dad was coming home today. Saka diba, save my dad the trouble since there was someone from the area who was coming too.

Well that turned out pretty stressful, because my dad was all, “Eh sino ba yang Erwin na yan? Saan yan nag-aaral? Anong course? Anong sasakyan nya? Sino magddrive? DO YOU TRUST HIM?” My golleh. Haller, nakasabay na kaya ako sa kanya before! Parang date eh. Hahaha. So if he’s like that when I’m just going to Cam’s birthday party, imagine when I go on a real date na complete with sundo and everything pa from the guy. The guy would probably have to go here for lunch so my dad could interrogate get to know him, and by the time we have to leave for our date (which would be hours later), the guy would have started regretting ever asking me out, LOL.

But anyways, I digress.

So ayun, after just a brief interrogation (buti na lang my dad didn’t ask Erwin to get down from the car pa. Baka hindi na kami makaalis sa sobrang tagal, LOL.), we were on our way. Arrived waaaay too early so we just hung out in Erwin’s car until Cam arrived, and we kept her company since she wasn’t allowed in yet, haha. She was more stressed than ever tonight, it was hilarious, really.

Eventually we went in na and the program started. There was this part where they asked random people what Cam was to them. Um. Haha. Can’t remember what I said. Basta. The emcee made me elaborate pa eh wala na nga akong masabi, LOL. Next there was this game on how much selected people know Cam. Hmm. I think I would’ve gotten a lot of the questions right naman. But buti na lang di ako kasali kasi matatalo ako, which would be so embarrassing LOL.

After that was dinner, then 18 candles! However, it so happened that the guys I was with had to go home early (Erwin in particular). Wow. Even my dad didn’t start asking when I was going home until Erwin had asked me the same question about a dozen times, LOL. But I can’t complain much since nakikisakay lang ako, hoho. But of course I managed to extend our time there by about an hour before I finally gave in, LOL. Yeah, he wanted to go home at 8:45, what the hair. The 18 candles hadn’t even started then! Buti na lang I was stubborn because surprise, surprise, I was a candle pala. Hoho. My memory was not my memory, because most people shared their first memory of Cam, or most memorable, and I neither had both because a) I can’t remember when I first met her. Duh. Malamang aside from Mikmik, I probably knew her the longest out of all her friends there; and b) because there is no one memory that stands out as the most memorable, because everything is just so fun and random with her. So ayun I shared one of her oldest memories of me, that Cream-O incident she insists happened but I swear I don’t remember a thing. Haha. Tapos.. my wish for her was to learn how to bake properly because sayang sa pera ang sunog na brownies at maalat na cookies! Haha. However, Nico and I hoped Mikmik would be a candle too, but I guess haha nobody knew what Cam was like before high school and who her friends were (except me apparently, since it seemed common knowledge that she has a best friend from waaaaay back pa).

Then came a very loooooong slideshow of her pictures, from baby pics to SCS pics to high school and college. Haha. There were several from our dates, ones I didn’t even know they took. Haha sosyal meron pa si Jacob dun, tas sila Nico at Mikmik wala. Oh well. Mahirap talaga maghanap ng grade school pictures dahil de-film pa kami nun LOL.

Tapos. Ayun na talaga. We really had to leave. Jusko, ako tong babae, ako pa yung less urgent ang need to go home! Oh well. Sige na nga, I held Erwin up for so long already. So ayun. Syempre byebyes pa with Cam’s parents while kating kati na talaga umuwi si Erwin sa labas, LOL. (Thanks nga pala to Cam’s mom for the token/gift. :) ) Tapos. Ayun. We went home, and I wrote a looooong account of Cam’s 18th birthday. :lol:


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May 4, 2008 at 12:21 am

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  1. Happy birthday!!! =D


    May 6, 2008 at 5:20 pm

  2. hahahaha. walang masabi.


    May 9, 2008 at 10:52 pm

  3. Nagcomment ka pa. Hahaha. Di man lang nagtenkyu kay Clar! :P


    May 10, 2008 at 11:56 pm

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