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Across the Universe

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So, I was watching this movie today (or yesterday since it’s 2:30am na pala), and I loved it, I really did, I just couldn’t decide whether I loved it as a movie or as a series of really cool music videos of covers of The Beatles songs, LOL. Maybe because I don’t know much of the history behind the story so I didn’t get it at first, but at least it gave me a new appreciation of the songs. I mean, I loved The Beatles’ songs before, but when you watch this medley of 33 of their songs coupled with amazing visual effects, you realize why they’re phonomenal as they are. Best movie soundtrack ever.

It was also really funny how I could hear my dad singing along to the movie all the way from their bedroom, and every time he passed by the TV he was like, “Anong movie yan, bakit puro Beatles songs?” and he would pause for a few minutes and watch.

The movie was also really fun to watch because the visual really created that psychedelic ’60s vibe, and being born in the 90’s when slim, high-waisted jeans and fugly hair were in, it was pretty interesting to see a more carefree and fun look. Although of course right now in the ’00s, old is in so all sorts of fashion trends from every era are coming back LOL. But still it was nice to see those styles seen in the actual period (or recreation of anyway) they were from, haha.

So. Ayun. I guess Across the Universe was a historical movie of sorts, except unlike usual films based on history it wasn’t set in the 17th century but rather a more recent time. There wasn’t much of a story, really, but the history and the fantastic soundtrack more than made up for it.

…I just really can’t shake the feeling that I just watched a medley of music videos, LOL.

(Um, yeah, this is what I do this summer. I can’t produce a funny/witty/whatever entry about my day-to-day life anymore because my day-to-day life has been reduced to DVD marathons, playing downloaded and illegally unlocked games from Reflexive, and washing the dishes. Productive, no? LOL.)


Written by eeeek

May 9, 2008 at 2:38 am

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