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Unlike most of you, I was rejoicing tonight.

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I might possibly be the only one rooting for Archuleta here in my corner of the world, at least as far as I know. Everyone of my Y!M contacts who has a status related to American Idol wants David Cook to win and is desperately praying for his win despite the rather disappointing performance tonight. However, I’m not confident despite Simon’s pronouncement that tonight was a knockout in favor of Archuleta. In the first place, the judges don’t decide who wins anyway, it’s the fans. And though both Davids have huge fanbases, Archuleta’s is mostly those screaming teenage girls who want to take him as their date to the prom, while Cook’s is basically everyone else. That’s because Cook has an edgier, more contemporary sound and has delivered really great, really memorable performances. (Yeah I know, if I think Cook’s the better performer, why do I still root for Archuleta, right? Well, I don’t know either.)

I started tonight’s episode of American Idol nervous for David Archuleta, fearing Cook will give really knockout performances. Sure Archuleta can sing and that’s one thing he does better than Cook, but compare a really hearfelt ballad to a peformance that feels like a real rock concert? Simon would be all, “David Cook, I’m telling you now, you are the American Idol.”

However come performance time, David Cook, though still really good of course, disappointed me, while Archuleta seemed to step up his game! I expected more from Cook, and I think he knew that his performances were not his best (haha, I think the Cook fans knew it too!). For the first round, Simon pronounced Archuleta as the winner. As if it had any bearing on the actual results, but it was fun nonetheless to hear Simon say that. At that point I was still expecting that Cook might step up in the next performances so I thought, “Even if Cook wins, at least Archuleta got one round.”

But Cook apparently wasn’t meeting any of my expectations tonight. His song choices were not so good, so even if he tried to give it his all, there was only so much he could do with his songs (never mind the fact that his all… seemed less than before. Haha ang labo nun LOL). I understand why he chose his second song because it fits his style, but the song was… bleh. If that was a song intended for the AI winner, it sure didn’t sound like it. Archuleta’s, on the other hand, while also not a really brilliant song, at least sounded and felt more like a winning song. This was actually my favorite out of Archuleta’s three performances.

For the last song, I expected David Cook to bring the house down with massive energy and the typical David Cook all-out rock performace. Oddly, he decided to do something mellower, which, while still a good performance, was significantly less awe-inspiring than I had hoped. Archuleta chose to sing Imagine. I wasn’t too happy that he chose to sing something he’d already sang on the show, but I knew it was one of his best performances so before he even sang I knew he was going to take this round too.

Overall, I’m glad David Archuleta came out on top tonight (and I’m glad Simon says so!), but I still think Cook has a bigger chance of winning tomorrow. And even if Archuleta miraculously wins, Cook will still sell more, since so many non-winners have already proven that you don’t have to win AI to be a successful recording artist (and also, Taylor Hicks has proven that you don’t necessarily become a successful artist after winning AI LOL). Archuleta still needs a few more years to mature into a singer who can sing not just great ballads but also everything else. But still, I’m rooting for him, just because. ;)

EDIT: PS. What the hair is up with the corny boxing analogy???

EDIT AGAIN: Apparently, marami sa ’08 ang Archuleta fans, nakita ko lang sa Multiply. Hahaha wala lang. Unlike me, they seem to be very confident that Archuleta will win, after tonight’s show. Ako lang ata yung, “I want him to win but I don’t think he will even after tonight” LOL.

EDIT NANAMAN: It’s so funny pa because my dad is a Cook fan, so talagang nagbabangayan kami habang naonood. My sister and I were “Go Archuleta! O tingnan mo pati si Simon natuwa!” and he was like, “Ok lang, hindi naman judges ang magdedetermine ng winners! Hmph!” Hahahaha.


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May 21, 2008 at 11:33 pm

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