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I’ve been reading what people all over the internet have to say about AI, the finale, and the season in general. And here’s what I have to say:

  • I find it really funny and stupid that AI gets criticized for actually producing a very talented top12 this season. Apparently people want “personality,” and apparently personality is restricted only to bad singing and bad hair (*ehem*Sanjaya*ehem*). I was actually glad that Idol was focusing on talent this year, what with it being a SINGING contest and everything, or so I was led to believe. People keep saying shows like American Idol are crap because of the crappy and/or weird contestants, and then when it actually comes up with a talented set of contestants, they still complain??? Ano ba talaga kuya??
  • I’ve seen so many people go crazy about the 12 million vote difference. While that is indeed a huge number, it’s not so much once you think about the 97 million total votes. Wala lang, nabbother lang ako na people rejoice like it’s a landslide win, when the percentage is 56-44 naman. Haha. Talagang ipinilit na hindi naman sila masyadong nagkakalayo when it comes to the percentages. Sabi ko nga, at least hindi 80-20 diba hahaha.
  • I don’t get why some people are still surprised that Cook won. Ok ang hindi ko lang nagegets yung mga taong nagugulat dahil daw sa pag-knockout ni Archuleta kay Cook kagabi. Last night’s performances don’t determine the winner. If anything, it made Cook fans vote even more. Haha. Na-o-odd-an din ako sa mga taong despite being Cook fans, nagulat kasi daw mas maraming fans si Archuleta. Eh puro teenage females lang kaya ang demographic nya. Kaya nga nafeel ko na na si Cook ang winner eh. Pero still, I’m on team Archuleta parin!
  • Been listening to the two Davids’ songs all day. Haha. Discovered that Archuleta’s best songs (for me ha) were actually those that aren’t as popular as his rendition of Imagine (or maybe those were the performances that I didn’t get to watch because I missed the episodes David sang them in). Also, Music of the Night is now my favorite Cook performance. Haha. Talagang yung hindi pa rock eh noh.
  • I rediscovered my liking for Michael Johns after watching the finale replay tonight.
  • Cook looks really odd when he’s forced to perform happy/upbeat songs in group performances. Not that he can’t sing those songs ha. Di lang talaga bagay with his rocker persona hahaha. For some reason mas keri ni Michael Johns yung ganun kahit papano.
  • I love the whole akbay thing going on with Cook and Archuleta while Cook was singing his winning song. Para silang magkapatid. :) That was the one moment I decided to disregard Cook’s aura of smugness (haha sorry Cook fans. This is why though I absolutely like (and sometimes even love) his performances, I was never a fan).
  • When Cook’s hometwon was shown after the announcement that he won, I wanted to see Archuleta’s hometown naman. Haha. Nakaka-intriga makita ang reaction nila. Siguro isang malaking, “AWWWWW!” na lang ang nasabi nila.
  • In fairness to Archuleta, he was all smiles even after Cook was pronounced the winner. He sure was taking the news better than I was, LOL.

Written by eeeek

May 23, 2008 at 12:17 am

3 Responses

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  1. “In fairness to Archuleta, he was all smiles even after Cook was pronounced the winner. He sure was taking the news better than I was, LOL.”


    anyway.. diba.. ang ganda nung music of the night performance ni cook? i love him… <3


    May 23, 2008 at 11:12 pm

  2. Haha. I swear. I knew it was coming, and I prepared myself for it, pero iba parin yung sakit nung totoo na. What. Hahaha. Hindi sa ayaw ko manalo si Cook, mas gusto ko lang manalo si Archuleta. Parang kay Cook, “great, congrats to him” pero kay Archuleta, parang may personal investment. What. Di ko talaga maexplain. Di ko naman sya crush. Basta. Gusto ko lang sya. Haha ang gulo ko.

    Oo. Ang ganda. Parang yung real thing. Saka gusto ko yun kasi it was different from all his other performances. Haha siguro kung ano yung sentiments ng Cook fans kay Archuleta (na maganda nga pero parepareho namang ballad), ganun yung sentiments ko kay Cook (minus the distaste some people have for Archuleta).


    May 23, 2008 at 11:31 pm

  3. favorite ko rin yung music of the night niya. aaaah! :) ang dami ko nang times plinay yun dito.

    and yes. i love their closeness and how cook shared “his moment” with everyone else including archie. i mean that was so sweet and nice of him! (actually, nice na naman siya for me dati pa. hello. si simon pa ngsbing mabait siya.) i dont think any other american idol has done that.

    cook deserves it naman talaga. he’s such a star. :) and he seems so nice!:)


    May 24, 2008 at 3:56 am

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