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Yes, another Archuleta post. :))

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I love it when the Idol contestants are interviewed together. They’re all so funny and they keep telling funny things about each other and (in the case of Michael Johns, LOL) tell jokes at the expense of others. I just love watching all of them together (especially Archie and Cook, but we already know that).

This, however, is one of the funniest parts of their most recent Larry King Live interview:

*Larry King asks each finalist where s/he’s from, and we get to David Archuleta who of course says Murray, Utah*
Larry: Murray, Utah.. the home of the Mormons. Mormons win a lot of these contests. Did you see that story in Newsweek last week?
Archie: I didn’t.
Larry: Big story. Mormons win a lot of reality shows.
Archie: Not this one. *laughs*
Cook: …And I feel like a jerk. *sips coffee or whatever*
Archie: *(fake?) innocently* What? *chuckles*

LOL. So cute. :D

And in slightly related news, my ringtone is now “WAMU” by David Archuleta. :lol: Can’t relate? Watch this.


Written by eeeek

May 27, 2008 at 8:54 pm

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