Life is so… whatever.

It’s confession time again, kids.

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Confession #1: I bought a chocolate bar but it melted while I was on the way home… so I waited until I was safely in my room before I devoured it. Haha. Wala nang pa-ref-ref pa! Been craving for chocolate for the last few days, so yeah. I wanted it really badly. And after licking chocolate off my fingers… I’m happy now. :D

Confession #2: I’m excited to start my job! My boss is really nice, and the job itself seems like fun. Unfortunately, I don’t start until either next week, or next month.

My dad is like 100x more excited than me though and keeps reading me tutoring tips and stuff. I appreciate it, but please make him shut up now, kthnx.

Confession #3: I’m itching to go to confession. Wala lang. It’s been a while eh. Anyone know Father Mon’s confession schedule? Haha. Talagang gusto ko sa kanya.


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June 9, 2008 at 4:18 pm

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