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Wet look. I has it.

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The first two days of school have been disgustingly exhausting and exhaustingly disgusting. (Yeah, that was me trying and failing to be witty, LOL)

Yesterday my bangs were permanently plastered on my forehead with sweat as I walked around UP, ran from Physics71 to Math54, sat in that oven we call our Math54 classroom, and waited for our no-show Anthro10 prof. Ugh. How happy I was when the day ended.

Today, though three out of my four classes were in airconditioned rooms, in between classes all I could think of was the unbearable heat! Like, OMG. When I stepped out of my Math54 classroom it felt like freedom. I had almost forgotten the feel of the wind in my face after spending an hour and 15 minutes in a room that felt more like a sauna than an actual classroom. And then I went out of the building and was instantly attacked by the outside heat. Cam and I actually trooped to McDo Philcoa because we were desperate for aircon. Ok we know there are airconditioned places in UP, but meh. We just had to get out there. And I got McFlurry so yay me.

BUT. When CS21 came… IT RAINED. IT POURED. As my blockmates joked, it was a whole summer’s worth of rain released in just a single afternoon. It was raining so hard we couldn’t leave the building. (Ok, that’s probably because three out of the seven of us didn’t have umbrellas, but whatever.) Which was fine because I love bonding with my blockmates because HALLER, this is the first time since last October that I felt like I had a block again (yeah I’m still bitter about being in another CS12 class LOL. Not that I’m complaining about the load and my grade in that class ha. No sir.). Eventually when the rain seemed to let up a little bit, we left.. only to park ourselves in the waiting shed right across the street. I dunno, we got sidetracked or something. Completely forgot what our plan was after that first step. Haha. We stayed there for like 15 minutes or something, attempting to recover from the wetness brought about by that 2-minute walk from the entrance of the CS building to the waiting shed. Now I was not just drenched in sweat (yes my bangs were still plastered on my forehead LOL), I was also drenched in the rain. WHAT FUN.

Ugh. Stupid weather. Made the last couple of days even more miserable than they already were. As if I needed more problems aside from Math54 and Physics71 and our very many readings for ArtStud1. RAWR.


In other news… CS21 is gonna be so fun, I can already tell. ONE, I have my blockmates with me, so even if the subject turns out to be total crap at least I had fun with them. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I MISSED THIS BLOCK OMG. That half hour or so of waiting at the stairs for the rain to stop was so much looooooove! TWO, the prof seems a lot of fun. He’s really random and funny and stuff and tells random stories about geeky stuff like how porn is not allowed to be made on Blu-Ray. Hohoho. And we’re gonna take apart CPUs and the geek in me just got so excited about that. Evidently, there is at least part of me that is right for this course. :)

In other, other news… MY HAIR ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE I HAD SOMETHING DONE TO IT. The left side has a life of its own and adamantly insists on retaining some sort of wave and on pointing far away to the side, but other than that my hair is manageable and I love the cut and OH I JUST LOVE MY HAIR RIGHT NOW YAY.

Ok. End random. LOL.


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June 11, 2008 at 9:42 pm

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  1. nice blog. i like the stream of consciousness entries. keep writing!


    June 13, 2008 at 6:53 am

  2. Um. Wow, thanks! Glad you liked my randomness, LOL. :D


    June 13, 2008 at 8:39 pm

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