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So, this post is kinda late, but OMG CAM AND I JUST WENT ON A DATE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN WEEKS! So yeah I’m going crazy on the caps lock because I’m THAT excited. I don’t even know when we last went on a date, that’s how long it’s been. Probably when we (or she anyway) deep-fried Cream-Os (super yummy OMG!), which was probably back before my job started. So this date? Long overdue, really.


So I begged my mom for money because this date was special: WE WERE GOING SHOPPING!!! Ok, so we didn’t shop just for the hell of it like BFFs do (This is actually the first time we shopped together as in both of us. That other time sya lang nagshop because I was poor and sleepy haha). We were actually shopping for outfits for Saturday, because she really wants me to dress up. (But no, I did NOT buy a dress. NO TO DRESS, YO.) And of course judging by our other dates, I was bound to spend more than my mom anticipated, so I raided my (thankfully newly replenished) ATM for additional cash.

So, first thing we did upon arriving at Trinoma was buy eyeliner (and in my case, mascara also) because were girls now, which already cost me a couple hundred bucks already, and we weren’t even there for 10 minutes! LOL. And then we proceeded on the hunt for a new top (fortunately, my mom just bought me some new pants so at least that’s one less thing to buy). However, Cam had chosen practically her whole ensemble already and I still had nothing because I am so damn indecisive and could not shop for myself. Tapos, the first thing that I actually wanted to try turned out to be not so great after all, so yeah, that part of the whole date wasn’t much fun after the first 30 minutes. Until I found this nice top, which is kinda Blair-inspired and is really awesome in this turquiouse color but unfortunately they only had my size in black, so um yeah, I’m wearing black on Saturday. But it is a pretty top and I LOVE IT. <3

And then after that we attempted to look for shoes but we were running out of time, and oh well whatever now I can get my mom to buy me shoes because she only gave me money for a top. So we just ate at Taco Bell so that there was at least one part of the date that we could take pictures of (because I’ve tried taking pictures while shopping before and I got reprimanded, so not gonna repeat that ever. Also, syempre di ko rin naman ippost yung pics of me trying out the top dahil duh, spoiler!). And this is what my best friend looks like when she eats a burrito:

I would post this series of pictures of me fumbling with my wallet and drinking my Pepsi but my eyes hurt so I didn’t photoshop that part anymore.

Anyways, so after that was the part where Cam spoils her birthday gift for me WHAT THE HAIR. It was an awesome gift. But it didn’t work out anyway, which is ok with me since hey, you don’t really have to get me something like that. I’ve long resigned myself to that fact that I will only get that when I get rich, haha. Tapos we rested a bit and then suddenly she has a new gift idea but now she was going to make it a surprise so she sent me away to look for headbands or something while she searched for this new unknown gift. But there was nothing either so we just went to the food court to rest a bit again, and we attempted to camwhore but we were too exhausted to get some decent pics, so here’s all we got (sorry for the lack of commentary, I’m exhausted right now and can’t come up with anything witty):

Yeah, thanks a lot for including me ha. :P

Ayan I’m there na!

Hahaha she looks so exhausted.

Vain moment. MY EYEBAGS OMG.

After that we went to National Bookstore because Cam had yet another idea but of course it was nowhere to be found yet again, and I just ended up buying some paper and the Stardust book I promised her waaaay back on her birthday hahaha. Syempre alangan namang bigyan nya na ko ng gift tas yung pinramis ko wala pa diba haha. So ayun, this is where the extra cash came in handy hahaha.

After that, wala na super exhausted na kami talaga, so that was the end of our date.



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July 24, 2008 at 9:59 pm

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    Camille Santos

    July 24, 2008 at 11:23 pm

  2. I’m so awesome.

    Camille Santos

    July 24, 2008 at 11:23 pm

  3. Bat ka natatawa? Funny ba? Haha.

    At awesome ka dyan. Spoiler. Hmph.


    July 25, 2008 at 7:33 pm

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