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What’s up world? I’m at work doing… nothing? Ahahaha. I really should get on with that progress report. After this. Ahahaha.

Anyway. Random things:

  • Anna loves Crush! Yay! David Archuleta: taking over the world, one fangirl at a time. LOL.
  • For those who didn’t know, David Cook’s single Light On was released yesterday. (Anna loves that too.)
  • OMG, exam nanaman sa Math54 next week! D: WAH WALA PA KONG NAIINTINDIHAN OK.
  • I need an external hard drive. Someone gift me this PLZ.
  • OH. OH! I haven’t told y’all this (unless you saw it on my multiply), but. OMG. I have a new camera. And its name is David. Hahahaha. Longer post about this over the weekend.
  • I actually have something serious to write, but I shall do that after the sem when I can’t get a failing grade for doing so.

Written by eeeek

September 25, 2008 at 6:27 pm

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