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I was gonna rank them but I am waffling between Anoop and Adam for #2 (Kris is solidly in #1, bwah!) so I’ll just comment on them in the order that they performed.

Allison. Errr. I wasn’t pleased. I love her, but tonight it wasn’t very good. Especially towards the end, it was kind of all over the place. :/ (Also, Cook’s version FTW! Haha.)

Anoop. Okay, so I had WAY higher expectations. Everyone on LJ was gushing so much. But I loved it, I really did. Probably my second favorite of the night (sometimes it’s Adam, depending on my mood at that particular moment lol). I just wish the ~rough~ part was longer, because I really really loved that.

Adam. Wooo, that was HOT, as usual. Love the haircut. And the energy. And I am always amazed at his range. But I guess the reason this is not, like, my absolute favorite of the night is that I wasn’t surprised, idk? Not that I was disappointed, because I wasn’t. I just like it when Adam surprises me. It was still really really awesome and Adam is still by far the best in this competition, but. IDK. I’m a sap and Kris and Anoop killed me with their ballads, so.

Matt. That wasn’t as bad as LJ people led me to believe, haha. Or at least, the first half wasn’t. It was kinda ok. But the latter half wasn’t as good. Matt has the same problem as Anoop, he’s been very inconsistent all season. But as long has he doesn’t leave before Lil and Danny, I’ll be ok.

Danny. Um. Second least favorite. Haha. Did not like his look, and… OKAY, I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME REMEMBER WHAT HE SANG. Srsly, I keep forgetting about him, idk. XD Which is kind of sad, because I liked him at the start of the season. Ok, had to research what he sang. LOLOL. Endless Love. Ok, really didn’t like it, it was pitchy from the start.

Kris. HANDS DOWN, MY FAVORITE OF THE NIGHT. Srsly, I have no idea what Randy was smoking, because that was SO BEAUTIFUL, idek. I’M IN LOVE. ♥

Lil. Oh Lil. Can you just go home already, plz. That was kind of really horrible. Also I am ridiculously biased because Westlife (ahahaha oh grade school days!) did a version of this and IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.

Ok, DialIdol’s predictions make even less sense to me now. They must have it backwards, idk. My dream outcome would be that when someone who’s not Lil or Danny gets the lowest votes (since if DialIdol is correct, none of the two will be in the bottom three), the judges use the save on whoever it is. And then eliminate Danny AND Lil next week. Bwahaha.

Oh! PS. QUENTIN TARANTINO IS THE BEST MENTOR EVER. Srsly. He gave the most amazing, insightful advice. Too bad Danny didn’t follow it. XD


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