Life is so… whatever.

In an ideal world…

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…Lil would’ve left tonight.

But, what happened is what I thought should happen all along after last night. With the added bonus of Lil being in the bottom 3. BWAHAHAHA.

Also, in an ideal world, Lil and Danny would be eliminated next week. (Asa. WHO THE EFF KEEPS ON VOTING FOR DANNY BA!)

Or, you know. Lil AND KARA. XD

But it’ll probably be Lil and Anoop. Unless Anoop’s fans powervote like hell. If it’s not Anoop, it’ll probably be Matt. Or possibly Allison? Depending on her performance next week. Bwaha, I sound so sure that Lil is going next week already.

Hmm, what else do I have to say? Oh. That group hug for Matt was so cute, hee.

And DAVID ARCHULETA ON IDOL NEXT WEEK. Get ready to be blown away, Simon.


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