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Hi friends, meet Castiel.

He is my favorite. Next to David, of course.

I miss him. Supernatural‘s been on hiatus for the last couple of weeks, and I MISS HIM SO MUCH. (Also Dean and Sam, but mostly Castiel. Ahaha.) But yay it’s coming back next week, woo! \o/


Had a pizza+Starbucks+movie date yesterday with a few friends. It was super fun. Saw T2 and 17 Again. (Haha long story, which ends in me getting home at 10pm) I’ve gotta say, I never got the Zefron appeal until yesterday, when I saw this:

[edit: OH MY HECK, photobucket removed the pic, prolly due to copyright issues or whatever. XD okay, pretend you see Zac Efron in white shirt+leather jacket+shades here. it’s also now linked via the word ‘this’ up there]


Eww I am such a fangirl. *facepalm* But seriously, that was hot.

I am watching it again tomorrow. Haha. With my BFF this time. And we might possibly be watching Dragon Ball too, idk? And then we’re watching Hannah Montana on Friday, lolol. And I’m possibly watching that again too on Saturday, with a different set of friends. LOLWTF. I don’t even watch the show, and I don’t even like Miley all that much (I’m not a hater tho), but I guess I’m just making up for all the non-fun-ness of the previous semester by having as much fun as I can this summer.


In other news, I kind of hate my bangs now, idk. /o\ It kinda looks fine I guess, but it doesn’t feel fine. Maybe I’m just not used to it and the weird flippy thing it does at the ends, right above my left eye, which I see ALL THE TIME because duh, right there in my line of sight, and it’s annoying and ugh. I kinda wish I just let it grow out until I get my hair rebonded again, after which I’ll have pretty, straight bangs again that doesn’t annoy me.


Written by eeeek

April 19, 2009 at 1:09 pm

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