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I don’t think I can make an Idol recap this week, too sleepy. But let it be known that Lil and Danny were (still) my least favorites tonight.


“I love The Script! They’re awesome! I wanna work with them!”

So said David Archuleta. This makes me very happy, for two reasons:

1) I LOVE The Script. They’re my current favorite band. So I love that BB loves them too.

2) HA, finally an artist that I liked before David mentioned them. \o/ Because sometimes I feel like such a lemming for liking everything David pimps out. Not that I didn’t like Jason Mraz or Sara Bareilles before, but David was obviously a factor in the process of me learning to love these artists. But ha, proof that I am not a complete Archu-zombie yet! Bwaha.

Anyway. PLEASE WORK WITH THEM, DAVID.  It would make my life.

Also, is it too much to ask of him to please cover Breakeven when he and Cook have their concert here? I read that he sang along to it when it played on the radio while he was getting ready for a photoshoot/interview in Malaysia. I also read that he sounded awesome (when does he not?). So HI DAVID, PLEASE SING THIS! (also Zero Gravity, Fighting for You and Save the Day ktnx!)


PE today was running. My legs hurt. D:


A little more than three weeks until the David+David concert! Woo!


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