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Uni today was oddly fun. Well first off I had only two classes today, beginning at 1pm, so that was nice. But the first one was CompSci lab, which, OMG. D: I don’t know, ever since last semester’s hellish ride with CS32, I’ve become traumatized of my own major. It sounds stupid, but seriously, that’s what happened. I was doing REALLY BAD last semester, ok, and it was such a stressful and emotionally exhausting experience that the mere thought of programming now almost gives me a panic attack. I USED TO HAVE CS32 NIGHTMARES, FOR REAL. We can’t have me running away from programming, obviously, since HELLO, COMPUTER SCIENCE MAJOR HERE. And hey, I have THREE CompSci classes this semester, two of which have lab time. You can just imagine how much I was terrified over this wonderful prospect as the start of classes drew closer.

Anyway. So. Today. My CS150 (Programming Languages) class today was lab, yay… NOT. I was especially terrified because a) the prof is pretty much a legend (he’s only a judge of the most prestigious programming competition in the country, what up); and b) I was absent last lab session, so I was sort of behind. D: D: D: Doc Mana’s “Our exercise for today is just a short one” wasn’t really comforting, because based on experience with profs like him, those things always turn out difficult and loooong.

Except OMG, I finished about 2/3 into the class period? WHAT. And when I asked the prof if I was doing things right (before, you know, I actually finish my program only to find out it was wrong) and he… praised me. WHUT. He said I’d make a good program tester, because I used all possible types of test data to ensure my program was working correctly for all inputs. WHAT. WHAAAAAAAT. Please excuse my shock, I have become used to things FAIIIIILING when I program (which is why I almost failed last sem). To have my prof practically beaming at me was… idk. It kind of restored my faith in my programming abilities a little. I am not completely made of fail after all. :O

Oh, and my other class was also fun. It was Statistics, and I normally hate Stat, but today was fun. We had a game, and my group finished second, and we were the most competitive (and noisiest, haha) team and IT WAS AWESOME.

So now I am chilling and updating myself on my favorite boys (taking a step back from fandom, but not from being a fan, haha), because I’m not rushing to beat a 10pm deadline (that’s the deadline if you didn’t finish your program in class). YAY. FUN TIMES.


In more other news, RIP Michael Jackson.


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  1. you have such a nice blog thanks for sharing good job


    June 27, 2009 at 10:25 pm

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