Life is so… whatever.

happy birthday

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…to someone. I think? Ah well if not, I hope you have a nice day anyway.

Also! Because I am just that full of myself, here is my birthday wishlist for this year, bahahaha.

  • for @DavidArchie to tweet me happy birthday, rofl. I’m not that full of myself to tweet him and tell him this though, so, if you love me, make him. HAHAHAA.
  • Merlin original S1 DVD. If you don’t watch this show… WATCH IT. IT’S AMAZING. MY NEW FAVORITE. Also, Colin Morgan and Bradley James are my two new favorite boys. Well the Davids will always be my favorite, but these two are a pretty close second now, tied with J2.
  • New, faster processor. Rofl, geeky girl needs geeky gifts.
  • Bookshelf. Mother, why won’t you buy me one, darn it!
  • New earphones. And not those cheap ones you buy from the sidewalk, ok. I have tried my dad’s amazing Sony earphones after I broke my old iPod ones, and now my ears will not settle for less. Rofl.
  • Is it too much to hope for an announcement that the Davids are coming back? HAHAHAHAHHAHA.

Hmm well actually that’s it for the moment, but I’ll probably be adding to this in the coming days. But if you were to grant just one of them, the first one would be AWESOME. *hint hint* XDDD


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