Life is so… whatever.

oh, college.

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Why do you stress me so. T__T

Just had four exams in the last four days. Five, if you include the two days before that too. I was pretty much surviving on energy drinks and coffee. Also, I can safely say that EEE8 is my worst subject to date. My freaking out and panicking over CS32 almost pales in comparison, and we’re only halfway through the sem. I hope I come out of this alive. D:

In other news:

  • We’re okay. <3
  • HAHAHAHA a Starbucks barista kind of hit on me today? Oh life, you amuse me so. My ego is quite pleased, haha.
  • You know what amazes me? The amount of love and concern I get from fandom friends. I did not know I signed up for this when I got into fandom, but this is one of those times that that’s a good thing. Fandom is a really scary place, you guys, I have witnessed more drama than I will ever need in my entire life, yet somehow those people that I’m really close to make it all worth it. I feel really lucky to have found them, so I have someone to hate the rest of the fandom with, LOL. And also, it’s amazing to find a surprise sitting in your inbox just because they heard you were having a shitty day. ♥
  • My blockmates are the best. IDK, I feel like I’ve been neglecting real life, but I am making an effort to hang out with them more, and somehow having them around makes me feel less suicidal about the sorry state of my academic life.
  • NO CLASSES ON WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY, woot. \o/ Time for a much-needed break.
  • Speaking of breaks… I am gonna go and recover from the exhaustion of the last few days. I am actually sleeping before midnight, whoa.
  • That’s all.

Written by eeeek

August 17, 2009 at 11:11 pm

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  1. ang saya ng stress no?
    doesnt it give you adrenaline rush :P

    miss you rairai
    cute ba yung nag-hit sayo hahha


    September 6, 2009 at 1:21 pm

  2. LOL hindi masaya, tumatanda ako eh XD


    LOL SYEMPRE CUTE. I kind of went to that particular Starbucks because I was having a bad day and I thought frap + cute barista I saw once before that could make it better. AND THEN HE FLIRTED. MY DAY WAS MADE. HAHAHAHA.


    September 10, 2009 at 3:46 am

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