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Today was my first day of classes for the year. I’ve always hated days like this, cutting short my Christmas breaks that never ever seem enough. In fact, my first tweet for the day was this:

It was a boring lecture day. For my first class, some group reported on some database concepts because that’s how my prof rolls. For my second class, my prof just talked about… I don’t know, really. I fell asleep at some point. (erm, I guess I’ve already broken one of my new year’s resolutions of concentrating better in class, oops)

But come lunch time, everything turned around.

This was a good day. :) I mean, after those three my next tweets were about some kid throwing up in the jeepney I was riding, and then Kris Allen messing up my spending plans, because now instead of getting to buy a new phone, I have to wait and see if I can afford that and a concert ticket. But that’s kind of okay because HELLO I AM GOING TO SEE KRIS ALLEN LIVE!

Hmm, I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy on the first day of classes in January. It feels kind of… odd. Actually my year has been pretty kickass so far. Celebrated New Year’s for the first time in the province, and it was my favorite New Year so far. We laughed and sang and ate and had fun until 4am, and then when we woke up later at noon, first thing I did was drive across Nueva Ecija and Tarlac and back. It was amazing. I’d never admit this to my dad but driving almost 80km/h (shut up, I’m still learning, k? That’s already fast for me.) through the province was exhilarating, heh. Then the next few days were spent mostly lazing about, until finally today I had to go back to school, and surprisingly it didn’t suck. This is kind of unsettling, huh. But in a good way? After months of emotional strain last year it just feels strange for almost everything in my life going great. But I’m not complaining. If life were always like this, it would be AMAZING.


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