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please just take these photos from my hands~

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I’ve decided to do Project 365, because I like pictures. I am still not comfortable labeling myself as a photographer, so let’s just say this is a nice creative project to remind myself that there is life beyond programming. And what I really mean is that apparently when faced with lots of homework, I keep coming up with other things to occupy my time.

I decided to start yesterday but wasn’t able to post here, so you get two pictures today. Yay?

“How to take a jump shot. A step by step guide.” – Lulu

I spent yesterday afternoon with these four people. We all have a lot to do for school, but we decided to spend our first Friday back in school in 2010 jumping and running around like children. We were at this stretch of road going from the Math Building to CHK which was great for taking photos, and we had just the perfect afternoon almost-sunset light to go with it. I took almost 300 photos, of us walking, laughing, eating pancit canton, imitating The Beatles’ Abbey Road photo, and making 2938592 jumpshots and flying kick shots. This is one of the failed jumpshots, where they didn’t jump all at the same time, haha. It was fun afternoon. As I said on Twitter yesterday, when I graduate, this will be one of those days that I will look back on and say “ROFL I LOVE MY CRAZY BLOCKMATES” <3

I was at home all day, so I had nothing much to photograph. I painted my nails with some pink sparkly stuff, and that’s about the most interesting thing I’ve done today. Boo.


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