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day 3

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I swear this was taken on Jan 10th (see my computer clock, it says 11pm!). Again I was at home all day, and tonight I was cramming a program while studying for an Asian History quiz and panicking over my non-existent resume because my college is having a job fair and I’m required by my scholarship to get an internship, so I kind of need this. Although I think IBM is the only company relevant to my interests. I mean. Well. Theoretically I could apply for any of them and work in their IT department, (Philip Morris is also having a company talk too, ahaha) but of course it would be nice to go for a company that actually specializes in my field, yeah?

Sigh, I know, the past two days have been filler photos. Maybe when I go to school I’ll have something more interesting to post.


Written by eeeek

January 11, 2010 at 1:49 am

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