Life is so… whatever.

“Parents could sell their children.”

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Well that’s… scary. :\

I feel like my photos have been such cop-outs, but today I couldn’t take a photo of anything interesting since I had to go home early before I collapsed in school from stomach pain. I went to school feeling the beginnings of it already, but it was still manageable, and I took meds as a precaution already. But the meds I took didn’t alleviate the pain, and by noon I was struggling to stand straight and pretend I was fine. I didn’t want to skip EEE because I’d already cut class last week, but I really couldn’t bear the pain anymore. :( Also, I was so, so hungry because I’d skipped breakfast as I was about to be late to my first class already, but I couldn’t eat because I felt two seconds from throwing up. So I just slept all afternoon, and just had my first meal of the day at 8pm. I’m feeling better now although my tummy still hurts a bit. Now I have to study and do homework. This nice little fact about the ancient Sumer civilization has been the most exciting thing today. Oh, and this photo of Colin Morgan:

In case you don’t know who this is, he plays Merlin in the BBC show of the same name. He is so adorable and he makes me happy. :)


Written by eeeek

January 12, 2010 at 10:15 pm

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