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My many earphones (ok, 4 pairs), let me show you them.

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And these are only from the last year, ok, after the earphones originally supplied with my iPod gave out (because really, the rubber wears off after a while. And. Um. One of the buds actually broke, eeep). I don’t know, I have such bad luck with earphones, and yet I insist on buying expensive ones. Partly because they’re cute, but also because the sound quality is infinitely better than the cheap ones you can buy from sidewalk vendors, ok. I used to not know any better, until I got an iPod and experienced the world of difference between their earphones and cheap ones. And then I broke those and borrowed my dad’s Sony earphones, and WOW, that was even better. But I had to return them, so I tried these in-ear type buds. At first I was scared they wouldn’t be comfortable, and when I tried them first (those black polka-dotted ones), the sudden muffling of all outside noise was pretty disconcerting. But once I got used to them, I loved the sound quality. Also, they double as great earplugs when my parents keep making so much noise so early in the morning, heh. And by early I mean anything before 10am, lol.

However, for some reason I keep breaking them. :( I went through two (identical, because I really liked that design) pairs of the black ones, before deciding that if the wiring always goes wonky that fast, I’ll have to switch. So I went with the ones that look like MnMs. Except, as I was alighting from a jeepney the other day, I broke them again after the caught on my bag and I accidentally pulled on them. D: Well they still work, but I lost one of the MnM-like bits. So now the wiring is kind of exposed. So after two days, I bought new ones. Because I spoil myself a lot. Haha. I couldn’t listen to my iPod because I felt like I was going to break the earphones even more, and also because… er, I didn’t want to go out with skeletal earphones? Haha I’m so shallow.

But damn, those two days were horrible. I always realize how attached I am to my iPod, and how used I am to having music on the go, when I have to go without it for an extended period of time. The feeling is especially bad when I’m on public transportation going to and from school, like the jeepney ride is too silent without David Cook or OneRepublic blasting in my ears. I don’t know why, since I lived for about 18 years without it, but. I don’t know. I just got into the habit of listening to a ridiculous amount of music (60 songs a day, says my whut) and can’t shake it off anymore, haha.

Sigh. Ok. I am really, really going to take care of this one, because I can’t afford buying any more soon, and I don’t like going through music withdrawal. :\


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