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“Ayoko ng parang kinain ng zombie. Dapat may finesse.”

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For once, the photo of the day is not some random thing in my house. Haha.

Today is my blockmate Reginald’s birthday. He’s 20 now, the first one in the block out of his teens. It’s been a tradition in our block to have a surprise cake for every birthday celebrant (at least the ones we still see semi-regularly), starting from more than a year ago. It comes with maybe a surprise gift, or we’d just eat lunch together, and have fun times together as we mangle the cake. Heh. More often than not, the cake doesn’t get to go home with the celebrant, we practically dive in as soon as it’s opened. We don’t even need plates, just grab forkfuls of cake until it’s all gone.

But today was different. Apparently, now being 20, Reginald doesn’t approve of mangled cakes anymore. *points to subject line of this post* Hahahaha. So he borrowed a (huge) knife from the CS canteen and divided the cake neatly into 8. Wala nang agawan. LOL.

I love my block. The block sections lasted only in the first semester of freshman year, but we’ve pretty much spent all three years of college so far together. If I cut a class, half the time it’s probably because of them (the other half is because I’m cramming school stuff) and their tendency to spontaneously embark on block funtiemz, such as Rockband in Katipunan (like we did this afternoon!), or eating out, or watching a movie. They’re crazy and fun and amazing and I love them a lot. :)


Written by eeeek

January 14, 2010 at 10:37 pm

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