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dahil miss kita, at wala nang hahanapin pa~

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Chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. NOM. :)

Watched Avatar with my sister today. I… wasn’t as amazed as everyone else seems to be. Ok, so the visuals were amazing, yes, but um, I wasn’t blown away? I don’t know, maybe because I’m about the last person on earth to watch it, so all the hype gave me high expectations and I kept waiting for them to be fulfilled, but they weren’t. But I really liked the visuals, and were the best part of the movie.  The story, on the other hand, was nothing new (everyone says it’s practically a rip-off of Pocahontas, lol), and to be honest, my sister and I found it corny and kept waiting for it to end, haha. The entire climax took an entire hour, okay, what even.

Sigh, maybe I’m just not that into those evil-government-blasting-pretty-rainforest themed movies.  I like my movies simple and understated, or cute and whimsical, or tear-jerking, or weird and mind-boggling, or even full of inappropriate humor. Not so much action, haha.


On the way home, the jeepney we were riding had the radio on full blast. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing came on… the FILIPINO VERSION, what. I just. I really don’t like these Tagalized versions, I’m so sorry. “ayoko nang matapos pa and sandaling kasama ka dahil miss kita, at wala nang hahanapin pa~” JUST NO, okay.


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