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This post was written last night, and then my internet ate it and then my internet stopped working and so I’m just posting this morning.

Today Yesterday I watched the solar eclipse from Ateneo. I was with three friends from three different parts of my life — high school, college, and fandom. That was odd, kind of like fandom collision except in real life.  I’m not used to having people from more than two parts of my life interact at the same time. It’s bizarre. But it was nice. No dead air because I talked a lot, enough for all of us, and also because Clar and Rie are talkative anyway. I guess maybe Benj felt a little out of place, oops. I hope not. At least not too much. I hope the solar eclipse at least made up for it. If that wasn’t enough, maybe witnessing how I apparently turn conyo when in Ateneo would be. I don’t know, it’s not something I consciously do, but it happens. Normally I speak mostly in Filipino, and depending on who I’m with, I’m even a little kanto (particularly with guy blockmates. LOL). But in Ateneo… nakakahawa eh. EWAN. Lol.

Anyway. If you were in Ateneo today, you might have witnessed my dorkiness as I whipped out old film negatives — grade school photos, back when my trusty S5 IS probably wasn’t even conceived yet — and was practically bouncing in glee. I attempted to get a least one good shot of the sun as the moon blocked part of it, but sadly this is the best least faily out of all my fail shots. I wish I had steadier hands. Or a tripod. :\ I swear, next week I’m buying myself one. (A tripod, not a hand, because I don’t know where you can get those. Haha.)


In other news, Dianna Agron is fast becoming one of my new favorite bloggers. This will sound stupid but I expected her to not be this verbose, this artsy, this amazing. I love her writing style, it’s gorgeous and whimsical and lovely. She has a way with words that kind of gives her posts a dream-like quality, but at the same time her details are so vivid and real. I don’t even know if that makes sense, but it’s just all really lovely. And her taste in music and books and other things surprised me, because ok, I initially pegged her as just another pretty girl who listened to commercial pop, but she’s kind of indie and artsy and I love her. I’m Judgy McJudgerson, I know, I’m sorry. My only complaint is that she doesn’t divide her sentences into paragraphs. Sorry, Dianna, but just. There is an enter key. Use it. XD


Written by eeeek

January 16, 2010 at 5:58 am

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